the Structure Energy & Light of Consciousness

This page introduces the inherent structure Energy & Light of Consciousness within us :  ) x. Please also see Update blog here x.We are all channels of the Creator’s Sacred Light : Pure divine Dynamic Life energy we only need to Open up and allow ourselves the FREEDOM to allow our LIGHT LIFE to flow and be our True selves upon the Earth :  ) x OM x. We are simply like funnels extending from the Great central Sun and Source of Life within and if only we would allow the natural Abundance within the river to freely flow throughout our beings we would live like Suns upon the Earth with ease :  ) x SO BE IT x :  ) x.

With great Joy humanity is now able to expand it’s awareness beyond the physical and personality to become aware and integrate it’s true nature of it’s Source Monad and Soul. I will describe each aspect starting with our original consciousness of Source then to the Monadic and Soul extension. It is important to note that during the Awakening process people usually awaken to the Soul within first and then the Monad and Source above and within sometimes spontaneously and sometimes gradually, either way truly integrating and understanding these aspects of self can take al little time and is a ‘process’ that continues to occur. Simply Surrender Trust and Allow the process to unfold with Ease and with great sincerity I truly hope these pages assist your understanding of self.

  1. Source
  2. Monadic extension
  3. Soul extension
  • Source (aka the Creator): 

Our Source is our inherent and original state of Being where we exist as One. We are a Pure Source of Great and Glorious Light where energy is of the Highest and most Perfect vibration of Light from which all energies and extensions extend. It is THE central Sun of Light empowering filling and fulfilling all life in existence and creation. It is Magnificent beyond description. It is Infinite Potentiality it is Pure and it is Divine it is Wisdom of the highest Truth it is Loving and it is Powerful beyond comprehension it is all that can be comprehended and so much more. To truly know and understand our Source you must embody and experience thy Glorious truth and allow this to be your intention. We are all One inherently so, we are all the Universal Love Light Wisdom Power and the Glory of our Source inherently so, I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.

Our Creator is an Infinite source of Light that emanates Pure Divine Unconditional Love and Light to all life offering free-will for all to live love learn and Enjoy life and to create the reality they choose.

It is important to note that all extensions of the Creator’s source, all Monadic and Soul extensions ‘inherit’ the exact same qualities of the Creator e.g. Pure divine Infinite Light, Unconditional and Universal Love and Light, Wisdom and knowing of the Highest Truth and Unlimited Power and Creative potential.

It is also important to note that even though I may sound like I am mentioning several different energies such as Love Light Wisdom Power etc.. in Divine essence OM x they are all One.

Our Divine Source is a Source of infinite potentiality and so where as an infinite number of energy vibrations can be expressed and experienced at this level there is only one PURE DIVINE source of Pure divine energy and Light OM x.

So where is the Creator? the Creator exists as a Pure Divine central Source of Pure divine Unconditional Love and undescribable Beauty & Light however the Creator also exists EVERYWHERE :  ) ‘WITHIN ALL LIFE’ throughout Creation OM x. Can you feel within yourself? Can you see it within yourself? SMILE : – ) Laugh Cry Sing Dance Run Jump Move LOL see and feel it in yourself and others each and every day :  ) x OM x. Yes it is that simple :  ).

Symbol of Source:

Note: The Top of the Funnel :  ) x.
Note: The Creator is an Infinite Source of Light and the Circle is only a Symbolic illustration so that in this Page the Trinity of Light within you that is the Soul Monad and Source can be easily illustrated using three circles :  ) x. The best symbolic illustration of the Creator is a blank sheet of A4 lol seriously haha or a Beautiful Pure Blank Canvas illustrating thy One’s pure and perfect divine infinite source of beautiful pure infinite light that is his/her truth within you and all life OM x :  ) x.

  • Monadic extension (aka Higher Self aka MIGHTY I AM Presence):

Your Monad is your true identity it is ‘Your’ first extension from the Creator/Source and contains all the experiences life experiences love light and all the wisdom you have gained from many many life experiences through many soul extensions from lives on many planets in many solar systems galaxies universes and dimensions of creation OM x and so it is OM x. Your Monad is a much more expansive and larger Source of Light than the Soul I remember someone describing it to me once as trying to fit a skyscraper into your body haha :  ) during the process of integrating my Monad the analogy that occurred to me was your Monad is like a Melon and in order to initially exist within Physical form your Monad or Melon extends one of it’s seeds (or Soul) into the Physical body which for this analogy we will call a Pea and so the process of integrating your Monad into your physical body is like trying to fit a Melon into a Pea haha lol. Now then you may think this is impossible however in truth it is actually quite easy when you adopt the correct perspective that you are already your Monad and Source and that you can easily expand your Consciousness to become aware of your Monad during meditation.

For example During Meditation you can allow your awareness to deepen in through the Heart and expand within to become aware of your Soul Monad and Source haha as if the back of the Pea opens up and integrates into the Melon and then the back of the Melon opens up and integrates into the source of infinite Pure divine Unconditional and Universal Love and Light OM x. As this occurs you can emanate your Light out through the Heart chakra into your physical body and surroundings. This is the process of integration OM x.

You will find that your Monad is a very large and expansive being of Light and integration greatly empowers your Being, I am sure you will enjoy this process immensely. Please remember to accept your Power as truly you are a Great and Glorious being of great expansive love and light.

Now then at this time it is important to mention that whereas at Source we ARE all one at the level of the Monad even though we still hold a complete expansive openness and unity with Source our Monad is an individual extension has gained unique experiences qualities love light wisdom perspectives and abilities from many many experiences/lives and so our Monad is our true individual and unique source that is whole and complete within itself and at the same time is One with our Creator Source of Glorious Light OM x :  ).

Source & Monad viewed from within:

Source and Monadic extensions:

Each Monad can have many Soul extensions which in it’s Pure Divine Essence is completely connected with it’s Monad and Source (it’s Life-force) like the Monad through autonomous experience the Soul achieved and gained UNIQUE energies / qualities wisdom and abilities and like the Monad has a unique Puzzle-piece and purpose :  ) OM x.

Everyone is unique and dearly loved and cherished by the creator and everyone has a Purpose to full-fill and no-one is better equipped or experienced to full-fill this purpose than YOU as every Soul is an Expert in the field and/or fields it specialises in. And this is why you are here on Earth at this time to live learn awaken integrate and to full-fill your unique puzzle-piece and purpose upon the Earth to assist with the creation of a Beautiful New Earth and we love you for being here and for your contribution, Thank You x :  ) x.

  • Soul extension:

The Soul extension the Pure divine essence within our Heart chakra an extension of the Divine from our Monad waiting to be activated and integrated within :  ) a Beautiful Pure Divine extension from the Heart and Soul of the Creator Source OM blessed we are to be the truth of the inherent Divine within all.
Our Soul is an extension from the Monad that allows it to incarnate within physical form until the time comes when the Soul integrates and allows the Monad to integrate from within allowing Full Whole and complete consciousness to integrate and operate within Human form.
Again as with the Monad the Soul inherents the Pure Divine qualities of the Creator and is an extension of the greater Monadic presence. The Soul is Pure and divine in essence and has had many life experiences:  ) learning and accumulating wisdom understanding unique energies qualities and abilities. The Soul is somewhat autonomous and exists as an extension although it is ALWAYS intuitively guided by the greater Will and purpose of the Monad which ultimately guides and directs it’s actions intentions experiences and journey. Every Soul is a child and dearly DEARLY loved by the Monad and Creator OM x it exists to assist the Monad and Creator in discovering knowing loving an cherishing it’s truth.
Each Soul can completely re-integrate back into its Monadic Source providing greater wholeness to its conscious awareness and energy. This provides a feeling of being more Whole Happy and Complete within OM x :  ) x.

Thee Trinity : Whole Happy and Complete from within :  )
Thy Sacred Soul Monad and Source United
Mother Father & Son

Note: The botton of the funnel ;  ) x.

“The Son becomes the Father as the Father becomes the Son” Movie: Superman Returns (2006) :  )

Outside time and space and beneath the surface of our Physical Body and Personality our Divine Presence is always Present in this one eternal moment.

Oneness of Life

So where is the Creator? the Creator exists as a Pure Divine central Source of Pure divine Unconditional Love and undescribable Beauty & Light however the Creator also exists EVERYWHERE :  ) ‘WITHIN ALL LIFE’ throughout all Creation OM x.

As Above So Below

As it is in Heaven so it is on Earth : Within YOU!