Strength of Character

Turning Victimhood into Victory

by Lucy Griffiths

This morning I woke up to find that my car had been vandalised.  Now, in my day, Halloween meant a few waterbombs and maybe some tricks involving flour and eggs at the very worst, but it seems times have changed and the world moves on.
My car was the only one in a row parked outside the house that had been damaged, though, so why me?  Well I guess my car may stand out a bit from the rest, and standing out in life makes you a target.  In particular, standing out makes you a target for the weak, the insecure and the bullies.
So how do you deal with people who make a target of you because you’re different?  Well, anger, self-pity, or trying to change yourself to ‘fit in’ a bit more are not going to get you anywhere.  There is no room for being a victim in my mind – being a victim is a response to something, and you don’t have to choose to play that role.  Our experiences in life are not what make us who we are; what make us who we are are our responses to them.
 So, instead of getting angry, get things done – solve the problem, make things better.  Instead of pitying yourself, pity the bully who is so frustrated or damaged that the only way they can express this is by trying to cause pain to others.    Instead of changing yourself, recognise that it’s the power that you hold because you have the courage to stand out that has brought this about, and celebrate your own strength of character.
So, don’t ever be afraid to stand out, even if it makes you an easy target.  Those who will try to push you down do so out of fear, pain and jealousy.  They are to be pitied, not allowed to cause you pain.  Take a small victory in not letting them beat you, and move on – still a target, but a tougher one to hit…