Humanity Learning & Love : ) x

Humanity have largely been living in an environment that has been in contrast to their true light and loving Soul nature. Until now :  ) as the time from 2012 and beyond allows all to open integrate and ‘Be’ their true Pure divine nature upon the Earth with ease :  ) x.

The contrasting reality has been created for souls to come to Earth to experience contrast in order to learn about their Light within through Individual separate and contrasting physical experience.

During which time a false-Self based on one’s belief of being a limited impermanent Physical body was created for that lifetime. Until now :  ) x.

At this time it is important to distinguish between the ‘Pure’ energies of Peace Unconditional Love Light Wisdom and Power of the Soul compared with the energies of the false-ego self Personality and limiting subconscious beliefs.

For example the ‘Love’ of the Divine Soul is inherently Unconditional for it is it’s divine nature and truth, as apposed to the conditional ‘Love’ or desire of the ego towards external objects which it can become attached to if it is not rooted within the source of it’s own divinity. Likewise the Power of the Soul is inherently for the highest good of all whereas the Power of the ego can be destructive as you have all seen during the last few thousand and in-particular last few hundred years as the old world came to an end.

2012+ marks a point in time, a time when Humanity can Awaken to their Light and re-activate it’s Pure Positive energies of our soul selves.

It is now a time for Humanity to discover accept integrate and understand the Love and Light within OM x :  ) x. Our Pure Divine Light is self-sustaining for as you become aware of and truly recognize and Love thy Light so it’s Light it’s Life and Pure Positive energy is naturally and inherently amplified OM x :  ) x. For it is Love that gives our Light within is self-sustaining Mass, just observe what happens when a person is Loved by another or when someone Loves themselves they ‘Light Up’ :  ) x Beautiful :  ) x we are x

2012 marks a new energetic alignment which will allow Humanity to tune into accept integrate and BALANCE it’s energy creating a new Beautiful Peaceful Balanced emotional state.

When People align and integrate the new energy of Light and Love they will feel more relaxed peaceful and balanced, the Yin will balance the Yang creating Peace and Harmony within.

As this occurs at a Personal level it will have a profound effect on Organisations systems cultures and Society dissolving separation and truly bringing Peace to Earth something we have all desired for so long.

Humanity is currently having an upgrade to Humanity 2.0 :  ) x haha lol it’s true :  ) x

Many people upon the Earth have done a great job of accepting and integrating the energies of Confidence/Will/Pro-activity and Creative thinking (the qualities of the first and third rays of light) and these are Wonderful and Beautiful energies that we need to live and create a Wonderful life. However in order to develop further humanity needs to relax loosen and Open to their Light and the energy of Love in order to feel and become more Peaceful balanced  Whole Happy and complete within ourselves. And this is the process of Learning for Humanity at this time: Balance.

As we live and learn we become Aware of the Core Energies within us the Trinity, Pure : Light Love Will-Power & Strength i.e. the Child of the Light Joyous and Free, the Feminine Peace Love Compassion Beautiful & Radiant, the Masculine Will-Power Protector Fearless Confident and Strong … being Aware and having the right relationship within is the key to becoming Whole Happy and Complete within … The Child the Pure Light within needs to be Loved Unconditionally as it learns and Grows(Feminine) and oh how it Radiates Glows and Rejoices with thy Love and to be Protected (Masculine) and oh how it feels Strong and capable of achieving/CREATING anything … finally the awareness to Surrender Trust Allow the blossoming and Expression of Each is the Wisdom of the Light within :  ) Within Within Within. Ultimately of course they are all ONE the Pure Joy Love Power and Wisdom of the Light WITHIN YOU. James x W

I must say I see a great a GREAT sigh of relief as many many souls have been waiting and praying very patiently for this day to arrive :  ) rejoice my friends it is here for us all to Enjoy and benefit from OM x :  ) many Blessings are now here for us all for all Souls upon the Earth.
Due to a greater association with the energy of Love and Light Souls incarnate in female form may find this process a bit easier and some souls within older male forms initially may find it a little bit more difficult letting go awakening and accepting the new energy and reality upon the earth.

Referring to the Rays of Light covered in sacred texts we can observe that Humanity has been integrating and learning about the 1st (Red : Active) and 3rd (Yellow : Enlightenment/Wisdom) rays of Light and now the 2nd (Sky Blue : Love) second Ray of Light becomes not only more active but the predominent energy for Humanity to accept integrate understand and benefit from.

You could quietly reflect ask yourself and intuitively feel your current level of each energy (e.g. our of 10 or 100) and if you feel you are low on anyone you can create an affirmation color-visualisation or symbol to enhance and increase that energy within.

* It’s all about how you feel, do you feel (1) Positive (2) Loving Light (3) and Bright. These are the qualities of the Light within you. *

The key to Happiness is to listen to your intuition to discover and ‘to do’ (Ray 1) and Create (Ray 3) what you Love (Ray 2) using all three core energies and to be your Soul upon the Earth :  ) OM x.

The quotient of Love integrated into Humanity was not as much as the other energies and so it is vitally important for one and all to focus on and integrate the energy of Love, with Ease as the integration of Love is one of ‘Surrender’ and Acceptance of what is :  ) x

As the energies balance within, often referred to in sacred texts as the Threefold flame of the Heart of Love Power and Wisdom a balance is achieved within on a Personal level and this will create Balance and Peace upon the Earth OM x.


And when I say Benefit from WOW do I mean benefit from. When you reflect on the chaos of the last hundred years we can all clearly see yes the benefits of modern science and technology but also the chaos that can occur ‘without’ the energy of the second ray of Light the energy of Love and this is the perfect reflection and learning for Humanity to achieve at this time.

To Enjoy the beautiful benefits simply hold the intention to align to be open and receptive to the new energy of Love and Light. You can also invoke it during meditation and create affirmations and simple mantras to assist with the integration, whichever way and methods you choose is perfect for you.

Open to the energy that flows from the Creator the Source of all life and light and feel and emanate and integrate it from within your Heart and Soul. Your Soul the Pure Divine seed of light within your chest is an extension of the Creator and the source of all Rays of Light which are all inherent qualities of your light within you OM x.

Simply intend to Open activate and integrate the energy of Love and Light from within :  ) with ease :  ) x.

Simply hold the intention to Surrender Trust and Allow OM x.

Simply Focus on what you Love x :  ) and allow your Light to blossom :  ) x

Enjoy my friends Enjoy :  ) x

Update: What the World needs NOW is Light :  ) x and when we discover our truth then ‘Love’ for self for ‘Life’ naturally emanates and flows :  ) x. So how do we increase our love quotient  the answer my friends is simple: Find your Light and everything else flows and falls into place :  ) x.

You are a Pure Being of Light ~ Love your Self ~ Embrace your Power ~ Enjoy yourself :  )  create and Birth a Beautiful New World upon the Earth and full-fill your Destiny with Ease.

Your energy of Love will naturally Flow through your being as you Discover activate emanate and integrate your Light.

The four primary energies of our Divine Light within :  ) are our inner Passion Love Wisdom and JOY x :  ). They are all One all aspects of our Pure Divine inner Light x :  ) x.

Update: Our Pure Divine Light within has four component energies like Primary colours which can be analysed independently although ultimately they are all part of a Pure Light energy which is perfect within itself. We can become aware of each individual component although it is important to understand that they are all equal interdependent and make up the whole complete and perfectly balanced Soul essence which is already Pure & Perfect within :  ) x

  • Wisdom/Intelligence: Gained from Life experience reflection and practice.
  • Inner-Child: Happy Joyous Enthusiastic and Free :  ) x
  • Feminine: Love Compassion Consideration Respect and kindness.
  • Masculine: Divine Protector Confident Positive Invulnerable Passionate Focused Will-Power and Creativity.

As we journey throughout our lives we will need to understand value and balance our energies. When we are young naturally the energy of our Inner-child integrates the most as we get older generally girls integrate their feminine energies first before the masculine and vice-versa for boys, everyone is different however and this will happen to different degrees and at different times depending on our individual and unique circumstances.

It is now a time for Balance and Healing in the World x :  ) x

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