Chakras Energy & the Evolution of Human Awareness

As the Human body grows the chakra energy system awakens at different stages of growth allowing greater experiences and awareness for the incarnated Soul. For example:

  • Root chakra / Physical body: When we are young everyone is aware of their physical body, at this stage the Root chakra is predominantly active and the Soul is flooding the body/growth organs and cells with life-force energy via the more subtle meridian systems.
  • Sacral chakra / Pleasure center: However as we enter adolescence the Sacral chakra becomes active and the reproductive glands and organs activate and ignite. Having Unconditional Love for self ignites thy Light and fulfills one from within which balances the Beautiful Creative energy of this chakra.
  • Solar-chakra / Identity: At this time and as we continue to grow our solar-chakra activates as we start to create a new identity and our Personal Will/power becomes active.
  • Heart chakra / Love: As we continue to live learn and grow the Heart chakra begins to activate bring new feelings emotions and guidance into our awareness.
  • Now the Soul within can come into awareness and as this continues the Heart chakra expands and allow much greater love light and compassion into our being body and awareness.
  • Throat chakra / Self Expression: Now the Throat chakra actives allowing one to express the truth of one’s Soul.
  • Third-eye chakra / Intuition: Now the Third-eye chakra awakens allowing one to know perceive and access the wisdom of one’s Soul.
  • Crown-chakra / Connection: as you open your Crown chakra the love light Will-Power and Wisdom of your Monad and Creator begin to cascade and fill your entire being bathing it in Glorious and Beautiful Higher-vibratory Love and Light :  ) x.
  • Over-time the Love Light Will Power and Wisdom of thy Soul Monad and the Creator fill and integrate into one being increasing ones energy vibration and re-coding the systems of the chakras physical body and Personality.

And so the process of Human evolution is a process of Awakening Activation and Integration every step enhancing and expanding the conscious awareness of the individual in terms of who and what he/she is.
Note as the Soul within the Heart chakra activates the Higher Self and Source Self chakras (Portals of Light) above the crown chakra activates pouring Pure divine Unconditional Love Light Power and Wisdom from the Creator, in turning activating the Earth chakra beneath the feet to ground and hold and the sacred Light within the Body and the Earth OM x.

Humanity is in the process of Awakening of Activating their Energy and Ascending their Consciousness & to integrate/descend the energy of their Soul/Monad and Source into their Awareness and Physical bodies upon the Earth and this is now possible with ‘Ease’ from 2012 onwards. The Astrological alignment allows for the Creator’s Light to fully bathe fill and surround one and all with the sacred Love and Light of the Creator as the Solar Galactic and Universal  portals of light are now naturally aligned allowing the Earth and ALL of Humanity to be naturally bathed and filled with light :  ) YEY :  ) x.

Pre 2012 Humanities Awareness:

The image below shows the limited awareness of the majority of Humanity before 2012, the triangle shows the old predominant awareness of Humanity. However many Souls incarnate within female forms at this time would also have an Open Heart and experience many Beautiful energies and some men too).

This limited state of awareness i.e. of the physical body, energy of sensuality and intimacy and Personality identity ‘was’ perfect contrast for humanity to discover their true inherent nature of Pure Beings of Love and Light i.e.  Divine extensions of the Creator.

2012+ Human Activation & Integration:

This image depicts a fully awakened ‘Human Being’ with the energy and light from above the Creator’s Love Light Will and Wisdom pouring through ones Being and energy centers filling and flooding into the Earth Healing oneself the Planet and Humanity.

Although this maybe better illustrated in the image on the next row showing a Fully Awakened and Conscious Human Being.

A Fully Awakened and Conscious Human Being aligned an integrated with Source:

WHOLE HAPPY & COMPLETE within Oneself :  ) Soul Monad & Source:

Note: Your soul Monad and Source are all one within your heart chakra. Opening expanding and integrating the Love Light Will Wisdom and Beauty of your Heart automatically ignites your energy system and integrates these aspects of your Being into your conscious awareness and physical body. It may take a little bit of time and practice but can be accomplished with Ease within the new energy/world OM x.

2015 Update: Please click these links for more information about what is now commonly being called the Soul-Star (Your Soul / Soul-Group) and Stellar-Gateway (Unity with Source and all that is) chakras. Allow the energy to ground into your Earth-Star chakra beneath your feet and into your entire being and body on the Earth i.e. integrated Ascension : o ).