How do I know the Divine exists?

  1. Because I experience it in a very deep and profound way.
  2. Observation: I simply feel it within and see it’s reflection in your eyes and smile everywhere i go.
  3. Beauty, Love, Peace, Joy :  ) Happiness, Serenity, Bliss, Compassion, Kindness, forgiveness, Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty :  ) x
  4. I intuitively ‘know’. Our souls are connected to Source (God/ess) and it is our Original identity.
  5. During Meditation with the Great Power of my Love i.e. thy Will within me I made manifest thy presence in physicality as my Soul and Physical body merged with thy presence upon the Earth.
  6. Chocolate ;  ) need we require more proof ;  ) lol
  7. Haagan daz Pralines & Cream :  ) lol x. Divine ;  ) lol
  8. Because everybody ‘Loves’ the Light if not in themselves another or a pet or hobby or profession or somebody they admire. The Source of this energy is of course the Soul and Source within You and ALL Life OM x :  ) x.