Life-long Learning

In Divine essence we are all Perfectly Pure Divine and equal. We are all equally living learning and at a Soul level loving and enjoying all of our experiences :  ) x

However through life experiences we can acquire unique energies skills talents and abilities from within.  In essence we always one :  ) Pure Perfect and Divine x.

Life is incredible and beautifully rich in experiences for us to enjoy.

In every moment a new world a new reality a new energy is being created somewhere in the infinite space of creation.

Isn’t this Amazing, Incredible and Arghwwww Inspiring.

There is infinite potential and this makes life so incredible.

The Variety Spice and richness of Life :  ) x.

The Source of Life presents us with infinite creative potential and opportunities to live learn and grow.

The tastiest and most beautiful experience and spice of all is the Pure Divine essence of Life itself however it is incredible amazing and wonderful to be able to enjoy our essence in so many wonderful and different ways through different senses and experiences :  ) x

And so it continues NOW :  ) and forever more x.

Life Challenges are generally opportunities orchestrated by us at a Soul level of consciousness before we incarnated into Physical form to assist our learning development and growth :  ) and when we see them as such we can embrace and Enjoy them x

Awareness is key, become aware of which aspects of your life you find the most challenging perhaps frustrating annoying :  ) these are usually the situations that we can benefit and learn the most from.

When we understand what we are learning from these experiences we can embrace them.

When such a scenario occurs, reflect and consider what is this teaching me?

How am I perceiving judging this person this situation?

How can I perceive this person/situation in order to feel more balanced at peace and at ease within?

When we understand that each situation is teaching us to integrate a virtuous quality from within our Souls such as Peace Love and Joy, Compassion kindness, Balance, Unconditional Love & Light for ourselves and others, Flexibility etc… ;  ) we can accept love and learn from such experiences and life challenges transform into wonderful and Joyous opportunities for learning growth and mastery.