Q&A : Intuitive Guidance

The best person to assist love guide and support you is You :  ) .

The answers to your most deepest questions lie within you. Who am I? Why am I here? answers to these questions will come most clearly from within when you are able to access the fountain of love light will and wisdom from within your Soul.

All the wisdom and guidance we need is accessible from within. All we need to do is ask and allow the answers to come from within us. The more open and attuned to our own intuition or the more integrated and at one we are with our true Soul and Source self the easier this becomes especially when our souls and Minds merge as one. A relaxed/meditative state is beneficial for this to occur.
During the process of Divine Awakening and Integration it can be very useful to gain assistance from others until we are capable of trusting and guiding ourselves. When we ‘Trust’ and ‘follow’ our intuition our life flows smoothly in new and exciting directions that serve our highest good and happiness OM x :  ).
We ALL have the ‘innate’ ability to receive inner guidance from our Soul and Source. All we have to do is ask and trust our intuition our inner-tuition :  ) our inner-self.

When I was unable to find the answers I was looking for in books the only source left was to find the answers for myself and the answers eventually came from within OM x :  ). This lead to a great period of self-discovery Divine Awakening and Integration. Answers to my questions would flash into my mind and I would know and understand everything I needed to know to assist me on my path and journey in this lifetime.

The more you trust your Intuition your ‘inner-tuition’ the quicker and easier you move and glide along your path :  ) x.

Please note whereas the guidance below may serve others the intuitive guidance received was to assist my understanding at a particular time and point on my path and may or may not be relevant to you at this time of reading thus highlighting the importance of going within to discover the guidance and answers that you require at this time.

To receive answers to your questions firstly make some time so you are in a quite and relaxed state where your consciousness is able to has relax into your heart and is aligned and at one with your Soul and then simply ask a question and allow the answer to come OM x :  ) x.

Q: I want to be at Ease and Peace with everyone.
Ans: in order to be at peace with others you must first accept and be at peace with all aspects of yourself Masculine/Power, Divine Feminine/Beauty/Love/Light, Child/Freedom/Play/Love and Joy.  When you accept all these you can honor others in a more non-attached way that serves the highest good of all. When you are whole happy and complete within when you honor all aspects of yourself you will be able to interact with others with much greater Ease and so it is OM x. And so it is now :  ) OM and so it has been done x :  ) x.