x LOVE : ) x

You know your Bright when you have self-love and Light OM x :  ) 

Happiness or Light :  ) naturally shines when we Love : – ) when we Love & Open our hearts, everyone loves and enJOYs :  ) ‘feeling’ the energy of Love ‘within’.

Everyone enJOYs :  ) feeling the energy of Love whether it is Love of music, films, games, family, friends and/or favorite food. This is beautiful, Love is beautiful, and life on Earth is wonderfully rich with so many tings to Love and Enjoy :  ) x.

Love for anything outside of yourself is  ‘temporary’ such as when you finish watching a movie, a book, listening to music, a relationship or food or anything. This is because everything outside of yourself comes and goes, comes and goes :  ) everything outside of yourself is impermanent. It brings beautiful variety to your life but eventually fades away for new fresh exciting things to come into your life :  ) and so this continues, isn’t life Amazing :  ) x.

It is however dear Ones when you discover the inherent Pure Divine Light that is eternal and constant within will Undescribable Beauty and Love constantly blossom and full-fill you now and forever more in a Beautiful Glorious Radiant and non-attached way with Ease OM x :  ).

This Love will fullfill and radiate from you in great abundance and out into the World and Universe for all to benefit from.

Now Happiness becomes a constant rather than a temporary feeling. Now you are truly free :  ). Now you are a great blessing upon the Earth as are all inherently so.

Love, simply Love, Yourself, each other, objects, things, movies, food, games, music, everything but most importantly dear Ones Please : Love Yourselves, Unconditionally and allow your Light and gifts to emerge and bless the earth and humanity. Truly the time is NOW OM x.

Be ‘kind’ to Yourself, Love Yourself and allow your Light to Shine x :  ).

Note: When we allow our light the freedom to fill and become one with our Mind and Body we become Whole Happy and Complete within and can enjoy Beautiful loving  relationships in a non-attached and equally supportive way.
For further assistance to heal enhance appreciate and understand your relationship with your partner please read the 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Gary Chapman.