Love Value and Express your Will

When we learn to Love Value and Express our Will, our Power, in a Loving way we Empower and Heal ourselves from within with Great Ease.

Here is a Wonderful article on the importance of Self-expression:

Extract: “What is the solution to this very real conundrum? Simply expressed, we need to learn to be angry and loving at the same time. While this may seem a contradiction in terms, it does not have to be contradictory in practice. We can learn to say to a parent or ex-lover, ‘what you did was wrong’ and then in the same sentence, ‘but I wish you to be happy and healthy, so that you can deal with your issues’. If the second part of this sentence comes truly from our heart we can expect a dramatic turn around with problems like fatigue, chronic pain and depression.

‘But I am often angry’, you may say, ‘but I still suffer from these symptoms.’ I have to admit that we often need the help of a skilful therapist to point out to us where we are suppressing our anger because we are totally unconscious of it. But once the anger is recognised and replaced with genuine love our negative symptoms will ‘miraculously’ disappear.

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