The Essence of Light

The essence of a light being is a difficult and vast subject to explain in words to a being that is concentrating on the physical. There are many beings that don’t realise that they have a bright light inside of their body and that their natural state is a body of energy, love and light. The physical body is just for this journey and is not our true identity.

The light that glows within could be also known as your soul or spirit. Your light body grows larger, stronger and brighter if you nourish it with love, not just from loved ones but also from yourself. We must all learn to love ourselves, gaining self worth and respect for your being. As a physical being awakens to their true form or being and begins to follow their true-life path or purpose then their light within will grow as well. Your light can be any colour, for the colour is usually associated with your soul group, the planet from which you came from or the community that is your home in the spirit world.

Each individual has come to Earth to increase his or her light on this heavy and solid plane. The physical body can hide your true pure being of light and love from other physical beings but the Creator and his helpers can always see the true energy within and that’s why they always give us unconditional love, whatever we do. It is up to you to find your inner light, to connect with it, love it and enhance its brightness.

A light body is like a candle; starved of oxygen the candle has a low and small flame. When a person  doesn’t acknowledge their true being their soul light is dull and hides away in the body. If the soul is nourished, like a candle is nourished with oxygen then the flame grows strong, tall and radiant. By nourishing the soul with love, connecting and listening to the true wisdom from within your soul will radiate its light and love for miles around.

This is one of our aims when on planet Earth. To connect with our inner light, inner soul or inner being, it doesn’t matter what you chose to call it, it is your true form. There is a need to regaining your light and your inner knowledge. Your inner knowledge is the wisdom that you have saved throughout many trips to Earth so that you may benefit from it now, allowing you to proceed along your spiritual path. There is also a need to spread your love around the world, to radiate your light bright so that it may touch and open the hearts of those who are willing.

As you do so you will begin to raise your vibration or energy high above the vibrations of this planet and you will begin to ascend. To awaken to your true soul, to strengthen your light prepares you for the ascension process where you will rise up to the next dimension. It is important to share your knowledge, wisdom, love and light with all who wish to receive it so that we may all ascend as a group as a planet to the next dimension of our spiritual growth.

Grow spiritually along your own path, for you will find the perfect path and pace for your being. Be creative to nourish your soul; meditate to connect with your inner light and love yourself for who you truly are. Most of all enjoy being a being of light living in a physical body on this physical plane.

All my love,

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Natalie Glasson (The Sacred School of OM NA)
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