Spiritual Hierarchy : Unity Light Team : )

It is with great Joy I can reveal that the Spiritual Hierarchy (in their thousands) are in manifestation upon the Earth at this special time of Awakening to guide assist and support humanity in awakening healing and transforming Everything :  ) for the benefit and enjoyment of all, truly creating Heaven on Earth from within you :  ) x.

Please note that the manifestation is all inclusive and that in truth all Souls are part of the Hierarchy that is the inner-plane network of light and are members of Ashrams on the Inner-planes where Souls study learn and grow in a Beautiful Peaceful loving and oh so Joyous and Playful way :  ) x.

Even though many Pioneers of the Ascension process are yet to fully awaken to their truth the emergence of the Spiritual Hierarchy is occuring upon the Earth NOW for the benefit of all.

It is important to note that identities are not important, who you are or who others are, just know that we are all part of the Creator’s Glorious network of Light* emerging upon the Earth and that what is important are the Beautiful energies Gifts Talents and Abilities that you and these Beautiful wise beings of Light bless the Earth with selflessly for the benefit of all life upon the Earth x Namaste :  ) x. Thank you.

* like the Internet :  )

We are all Equal and Unique puzzle pieces here creating Heaven on Earth for the benefit of all life and all are sooo equally and dearly loved OM x thank you.

For more information about the Structure of the Spiritual Hierarchy please refer to the ‘Twelve Rays of Light‘ by Natalie Glasson a Beautiful Soul upon the Earth here to gift all with her amazing talents gifts and abilities, thank you x.