Opening & Healing your Heart

If you experience any Hurt or Pain within allow yourself to Face it, Feel it & Heal it.

Express and release the energy in a way that is most comfortable for you without lashing out or hurting another as this energy that you feel within is past-pain that is being beautifully triggered for release. When you are alone in a safe environment Express how you feel out loud to release the energy from your system or you could write your feelings on paper to  express and release it.

For any fear anger hurt or pain ~ In a quiet area Simply Express the energy vocally and clear it with your Light, then simply bring your attention back to the Pure Peaceful and Positive Light within by focusing on and affirming your Truth :  )
OM x :  ) x

I hope the information below will assist you. For more information on Clearing Healing and Releasing please click here x

Please know that your Light within will automatically heal your energy as you start to face it within. You can do it, YOU CAN face your fears & live your dreams..

We are all on incredible journeys of Self-Discovery Learning Healing & Service.

It’s lovely to remember that we are all Equal:

  • That in Essence we are all One;
  • We are all Learning and Growing;
  • We are all Healing aspects of our Soul.

At this time in the evolution of Humanity we are emerging out of the ‘Pre-2012 Age of Learning’(through Contrast) and into the ‘2012+ Age of Transformation‘ i.e. Awakening Clearing Healing and Integration :  ) x a Beautiful process and Emergence of the Light from within x.

Here are some steps to assist with the Clearing & Healing process:

  • Process
  • Journaling
  • Gratitude Log
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Self-Love 
  • Invulnerability
  • Compassion Emotional Intelligence & anger
  • How to react when teased or insulted
  • Identify what is bothering you
  • Boundaries & Assertiveness
  • Balance
  • Healing & Clearing
  • Relationships
  • Basic Process for Clearing Healing & Integration

Steps to Awakening:

1) Desire for Self-Realisation (Who am I?)
2) Contrasting Experience
3) Awakening to your Truth
4) Transformation: Healing(2) Integration(3)
5) Being your Truth in the World :  ) x

Steps to Healing:
Clearing Cleansing Healing Pain/fear from Contrasting Experience and invalid beliefs: 

1) Awareness of the Emotion
2) Acceptance of the Emotion
3) Discover the ‘underlying’ fear or pain
4) Accept Love Heal and Clear the energy :   )
5) Repeat until clear.
= Peace

Releasing Pain from within, fear of Pain, Anger/frustration of being in pain (Emotional/Physical*) is an important part of the Healing process aka Healing the ‘pain-body’, for more information about the ‘pain-body’ I highly recommend the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.
* Physical pain can manifest from unresolved Emotional pain which ultimately manifests from invalid belief-systems about oneself/identity.

  • Journaling:
Ask your Personal Angels, Guides and Higher Selves to heal you on all levels of your being each day.
To release subconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions that do not serve your Highest purpose, it is a good idea to keep a daily journal (Paper and Pen) to ‘empty yourself’ so to speak of anything and everything that may come up from your subconscious mind. This is a method of releasing any and all negative/limiting/illusory energy that no longer serves your learning and growth.
Just like all these methods, this technique can be done any time of the day or night of your choosing, at your convenience and preferred time.

After you express your thoughts feelings concerns and get them ALL out on paper as soon as you feel ready to let them go straight away or in a few days scrump or rip-up the paper and throw it in the trash you’ll feel much lighter :  ).

When you feel ready you could also start to clear out old clutter from your home and give it a bit of a clean and tidy. It can be quite Therapeutic :  ).

  • Gratitude Log
Every evening make a list of some of the things you are grateful for in life it can be very small or big tings it can be for family friends kind people/strangers, colleagues a beautiful walk, view, the beauty of life, positive and beutiful feelings within, your favourite tv program, moive, music, art :  ) anything that YOU ‘Love’.
The more you practice this very simple but powerful exericse the more you will start tp recognise just how may things in life you love and your attitude and energy of love and gratiittue will increase and increase until you are over-flowing with love and gratitude for yourself and life on Earth OM x.
  • Feeling-good: Enhancing Self-esteem/Self-Love with Positive Affirmations

These affirmations will assist you to gently open and expand your heart and love for self and bring your consciousness and energy back into alignment with your loving Soul self.

  • Some Examples but please create ones that resonate with your heart:
    • I am Kind and considerate.
    • I am at Ease and at One with myself and all Life.
    • I accept everything just as it is, I am Unconditional Love.
    • I am relaxed cool calm and collected.
    • I am centered and balanced.
    • I am relaxed easy-going and light-hearted :  ).
    • All is Well :  ) x.
  • Self-Love

Take time to understand your needs, to ask yourself what you need. The most important thing in life is to love and take care of yourself. Occasionally you may need to reduce or remove responsibilities and make time to rest relax and Enjoy Life :  ) x.
If you ever feel tired hurt or in pain give yourself the time you need to love and take of yourself to rest rejuvenate and heal, take time to simply Be with your beautiful light within. Time to be at One with your clearing and healing Love and Light within You OM x.

  • Invulnerability:

A greater awareness of your Light within by simply feeling the presence of the Energy within you within your core, it’s Pure Powerful Beautiful Peaceful Strong Centered Balanced and Positive energy allows you to realize that in truth ‘You cannot be hurt’ and that you are an invulnerable Being of Light and that your Light can clear heal and dissolve any and all past pain or hurt that maybe around your heart with Ease

  • Emotional Intelligence Compassion & Anger

When we react negativity to others we are expressing a negative feeling/energy from within us that requires our self-love and compassion to heal within. Our brothers and sisters around us can trigger and push our buttons and often we can blame them for being a certain way whereas in truth any negativity felt is the energy ‘within us’.
This understanding can help us to be understanding and compassionate to those around us who may be expressing their own hurt/fear/pain/anger, a reflection of their inner state expressed externally and if we happen to be in front of that expression, It’s not personal,  with emotional intelligence, we can remain centered balanced cool calm compassionate beings of Unconditional Love and Light x. Maintaining our Well-being and supporting others. For more helpful information please click here.

The source of Anger within is past-pain that can be healed with self-love and compassion for this part of you that is hurt.

If something makes us angry we feel an energetic surge of emotional energy in our body as our glands release the adrenalin hormone into our system, allowing us for fight or flight. The energy builds up and is released when we express our anger. The release is good for us, helping to keep our body and mind in balance. In order to heal we need to express the energy ideally in such a way that harms none including ourselves.

We can take a step back release and re-balance our energy. We can release the build-up of energy by expressing how we feel, writing and describing how we feel in a diary/journal can be very helpful and also talking to a friend or family member. ‘Expression is the key’.  When we acknowledge accept and express how we feel we can get to the source of the pain/anger/frustration and release it. But if, as a rule, we repress and bottle up our feelings,  the repressed energy can manifest as mental/emotional trauma and/or physical illness until we are willing to face and release it.

It is healthier to get into the habit of recognising when we are feeling angry and to express it directly, not in violent action. Expressing anger in a healthy way helps us to keep physically and mentally healthy, defuses tensions before they get to ‘explosion’ point and benefits all of our relationships as we release old pain and become Happier and Lighter :  ) x. As we learn to love ourselves and let go of that which no longer serves within we transform ourselves and the world around us. It is a Beautiful process of Healing.

Expression and communication are key. General example:

Pat shouts angrily at her husband, Andrew, ‘How could you treat me like that, you bastard?’. Andrew feels attacked for no good reason, and shouts back with more abuse. Pat may then feel helpless and victimised. Neither of them will feel happy with the exchange. Yet, if Pat were to say to Andrew, ‘I’m angry with you because you haven’t done any washing-up for weeks!’, he will know why she is angry, and there will be a chance for them to talk about the washing-up, and work out a solution. Pat will feel better about herself, and the tension between them is less likely to build up to the point of violence. Andrew will have more information about what annoys Pat, and they will communicate better.

If you have spent a lifetime squashing your feelings, it will take time to learn get into the habit of expressing and releasing anger in a healthy non-aggressive way and to love yourself unconditionally. Be Kind to yourself to those parts of you that maybe hurt, all they need is love and kindness.

‘Nurture your self-esteem: treat yourself kindly and give yourself regular treats.
Acknowledge past hurts: It’s important to acknowledge angry feelings left over from the past, especially from childhood. You can release any and all past-pain and hurt. Past losses and injustices, big or small, can all be released and dissolved. You may think you have forgotten about them, that it’s pointless to think about the past. But, if something happens to you in the present, and your response to it is over the top, it may become clear that these feelings need attention! While you remain unaware of them, they can cause unnecessary problems. But, if you can get to know them, you will have a chance of dealing with them.’
Based on information from, for more information please click here.

  • How to react when teased or insulted:

‘you should also be advised that in .. many .. countries, it is a customary “initiation” procedure into a group. Often newcomers will be teased for fun and play with no real malicious intent, however if you have any past-pain this may be triggered and you could feel unnecessarily hurt, you may even become angry and resent those that pushed your button. Often friends will remark to other friends, “You’re so stupid!” in a joking, sarcastic way. Here are some tips to help you if your buttons are being pushed:
> Keep your cool when someone starts making nasty remarks to you or about you in your presence. Act as if he is not really hurting your feelings. If you react, they will only want to do it again, knowing they get a response, which is what they want out of you. Don’t give them the response.
> Answering back with any type of retort you may regret later so sometimes it is best not to reply at all, if possible laugh and let it go over your head. Either way if a sore point has been touched when you are alone turn your attention to the issue within you and heal your hurt with your light (please click-here for more information).
> When someone makes fun of the way you were doing something or if he/she makes fun of the way you were acting in class, just take that insult as a joke and laugh it off. Don’t show that you were affected by the insult.
> If someone says something insulting, the general response is to ignore them. If I were talking to a wall, the wall wouldn’t reply back so I’d get bored and leave the wall alone.
> If your friends are the ones that usually tease you, step back and evaluate your relationship with them. Do they really mean to make you laugh.
> It is best not to show them that you care.
> Better to walk away, than to be carried away.
> If the person considers it their job to “initiate” you into a group and is taunting you in a playful way, sometimes it is wise to utter a quick-witted remark.’
Based on and for more information please click here.

If anyone belittles or bullies you it is often because subconsciously they feel less-than as you are being and/or expressing a quality they have yet to discover and integrate such as Purity & Peace, Love Compassion or Beauty, Confidence & Empowerment Strength or Wisdom… from this perspective we can value our own positive qualities and be compassionate understanding and supportive to others and ourselves if when we feel threatened by a sense of lack or less-than, and know that everything we desire is always ‘within us’ all OM x

Know that you are Strong and when you feel ready give yourself permission to experience and allow your Strength to emerge from within you and you will feel Confident unshakeable Centered Strong and Happy :  ) x.

Focus and Empower how you want to fell and know that this energy is within you it is you : ).

In truth the person is helping you to be Empowered to be your truth to be Strong and this is a Beautiful realization. And when this occurs no one will bother you as you will feel Empowered Centered Balanced and Strong. When this occurs you will realize that you cannot be hurt. You will forgive and thank the people who helped you towards this realization and truth.

Important Update: If anyone is being sarcastic and you feel like you are a victim, the solution to this is quite simple, Love and heal the wound within, Love and Empower your being with your Light within :  ). And remember ‘sarcasm’ is a form of humour and is best taken lightly ;  ) x

Dealing with Sarcastic people:–Dealing-With-Sarcastic-People.html

  • Identify what is bothering you:

‘Know what sets you off and learn how to not react, as well as dealing with the underlying issues. It’s also important to identify the what that is bothering you – what precisely about their behavior is causing you to feel so annoyed that you feel ready to explode or snap at them? Working out the real reason underlying the annoyance which is generally within us will empower you to heal and assert yourself in such a way that you are comfortable with. Separate the problem from the person.

> Be conscious that being annoyed by another person’s traits can be based in your own lack of patience or understanding. In some cases, annoyance is driven by a sense of superiority, as when we quip “How stupid those people are!
> Learn to be more centered balanced and patient and to stop letting the little things bother you. Patience is a key aspect of minimizing annoyance in your life because you’ll stop feeling buffeted by time and circumstances and you can relax more and take things in your stride.
> Accept that which you cannot change. You can change yourself. You cannot change someone else.

Remember you are not the object. Most people are not trying to annoy you. They probably don’t realize that what they are doing is annoying. In other words, they are probably in their “own world” and arent’ even aware of you.’
Based on and for more information please click here.

  • Boundaries & Assertiveness

“The first step in establishing boundaries is self-awareness; you’ll need to identify where you need more space, self-respect, energy, and/or personal power. Begin this process by recognizing when you feel angry, frustrated, violated, or resentful. In these cases, you’ve often had a boundary “crossed”. By becoming aware of situations that require you to have stronger limits, you can begin creating and communicating your new boundaries to others.
Creating boundaries for yourself your home your business will help you honor yourself more. It’s perfectly okay to request or demand respect from others and to honor yourself.”
For information on how to ‘Establish boundaries’ please click here.

“Assert yourself. Annoyance can come about when we do not say how we feel, not saying anything but fuming all the same. Annoyance caused by not expressing how you feel because of the things another person does is self-destructive. A far more constructive approach is to speak up when you’d like to see something changed around you. While you cannot change a person’s personality, you can ask them to refrain from behavior that impacts others, including being too loud, asking too many questions, wearing perfume that overwhelms you, using thoughtless or harmful language around you, etc. If their actions are impacting you negatively, you’re entitled to ask for the actions to be toned down, changed in some way, or even stopped. At this point, not only are you asserting your “perfect right”, but you’re also negotiating on behalf of anyone else impacted by the behavior.

  • Assertiveness is about standing up for yourself politely but firmly. It is not something to be afraid of, and you don’t need to attend a course to master it. It’s as simple as responding to the annoying behavior promptly and with a pointed request. For example, person X is working next to you but won’t stop playing their radio out loud. You ask them if they have a moment to talk and proceed to say: “I find it distracting having to listen to the radio all day long in our small office. I’d prefer to work in silence because I can think a lot better. Would you mind using using earbuds from tomorrow so that we can all work in the way we like best.” Ignoring the annoying behavior will cause you to simmer to boiling point and the problem won’t go away; it will come back time and again. So deal with it.
  • If you’re annoyed because the person in question is clingy, this also requires assertiveness and some tough love on your behalf. Let them know that you appreciate their company now and then but be clear that you also need your own space. Sometimes it’s case of helping them to understand that being on your own at times is not a rejection of them but a need of your own.

Be compassionate, listen, and guide. Everyone gets annoyed sometimes. Which means people will be annoyed with you sometimes too because we’re all in a position to do or say annoying things now and then. Try to focus on what you can do to adopt a more compassionate approach.” For more information please click here.

  • Balance:
And so we must learn when we need to express and assert ourselves and when it is appropriate for  us to take time-out and away from the situation in order to self-reflect and heal within. To become stronger lighter happier balanced and assertive in such a way that we are comfortable in a centered balanced and lighter way from within :  ) x.

  • Healing & clearing (review)

If anyone does anything that offends you that pushes an old fear of being hurt it is simply old programming old habit and most people never intentionally mean to hurt you, sometimes people can play-about be cheeky or tease just to have a bit of fun but sometimes our buttons get pushed our feelings get hurt and we can feel angry even sad and depressed if we don’t know how to deal with these emotions.
Know that theses emotions are simply ripples on the surface of our being, we have the power to clear and heal our hurt with great ease allowing us to regain our  natural state of Happiness and Well-being.

1) Awareness: When this occurs be aware of the Frustration & Anger and try not to react and use your Will-power/self-control to remain as centered and calm as possible.
2) Expression: When you are safely away from the person and in a safe place always accept and express your frustration/hurt/anger/sadness by simply vocally expressing it whilst walking somewhere in private or in your car ;  ) even shout scream or talk to a trusted friend or write our your feelings, whatever you are most comfortable with to release the build-up of negative energy. Don’t suppress your feelings, don’t burry them as you will be adding to the hurt that has already been suppressed. Get everything off your chest in sucha way that doesn’t hurt anyone You’ll feel much better x Express until you start to relax and calm.
3) Love: ‘Love’ and accept your hurt/pain/feelings, ‘Love’ your Whole self ‘Unconditionally’ especially your pain/hurt, say “ I Love You, I Love my Anger, I Love my Hurt, I Love my Pain” Love is such an incredible healing energy and it will soothe and heal your being beautifully :  ) x. You will start to feel yourself again a Beautiful being of Love and Light you will feel refreshed and even Lighter than before knowing that not only have you healed old hurt replacing it with greater Love and Light but also that you have the POWER to HEAL yourself and that nothing can truly hurt you. Unless we allow it, we can simply decide not to be a victim and to realise and integrate our natural and inherent Unconditional Love and Invulnerable Light :  ) x.
> Clear Heal and Balance your energies by Focusing on, invoking and integrating greater amounts of ‘Love and Light ‘ :  ) x
4) Thank them for pushing your buttons and assisting you to clear and heal old emotional pain/wounds/victim consciousness and empower yourself.
6) WILL-POWER & FOCUS: Use your Will-power to Affirm & focus on what you desire such as “I am the Light of Liberation, I am the Light of Empowerment, I am the Glory of thy Light” etc… Invoke and allow your truth to anchor and clear cleanse and to fill your being to re-ignite and your Light!
Note: Feel your energy and repeat the above steps if your mind drifts back to the past and/or the frustration/anger/hurt re-surfaces until you are completely clear.

The following article ‘Express-Your-Emotional-Pain-the-Healthy-Way‘ may also assist in healing x and please know as you courageously face your fear and pain that your Beautiful LIGHT :  ) is always underneath and will return x

Simply ‘Focus’ on what you want:
My Imagination Attracts All Cooperative Relationships… You have the power to evoke from others the relationships that you desire. But you cannot get to a new-and-improved situation by giving your attention to the current situation. The Universe, and all physical and Non-Physical players in it, is responding to the Vibrations that you are offering; and there is no distinction made between the Vibrations that you offer as you observe, and the Vibrations that you offer as you imagine. . . . If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law. The experience that you have with others is about what you evoke from them. — Abraham
Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 470

When u resonate with ur Light u resonate with all x :  ) x