3 Minds : Self-Awareness Clearing Healing & Mastery

Being aware and paying attention to how you react to other people when unexpected issues or problems arise in life is a great way to become aware of any aspects of self that may need clearing healing and releasing or a shift in your energies to create a Peaceful Balanced state ultimately to allow for a greater alignment with your light :  ) x.

During the process of Awakenig and Integration my friends as you go about your lives carefully and intuitively watch your energy and reactions within and feel for any hurt or fear that may be guiding your feelings behaviour actions and decisions. If and when you identify these old wounds behavior habits or imbalanced energy : Well Done for doing so as this demonstrates great internal awareness of self.

Now your true energetic state is one of perfect Beauty Empowered Balance Love Light Joy and Harmony and so if and when you find your not quite there haha (as tends to happen in human form 😉 haha ;  ) GREAT as you can identify the cause and allow yourself to balance your energy and re-align with your Glorious Light once more :  ) x.

You can now allow your energy to be cleared healed reprogrammed by your light :  ). A Beautiful conscious choice.

Your beliefs or Subconscious energy can act as a filter between your Concious MInd and your Soul Light so it may need a little work before the Purity of your true Being Shines through into your Mind allowing great clarity of Self bringing great enlightenment and Truth in terms of Who You are? Why you are here? and so much more :  ). Three Minds:

The Subconcious can contain limiting beleifs memories and child-hood fears worries and concerns that are in truth not real they are illusions that do not truly exist in the ‘Presant monent’ they are from the past and can be cleared in the ‘Present moment’ with ease. Your Light your Pure divine Life force energy always exists within the NOW and You can easily clear the Subconcious with Your Light and learn to train your mind to exist within the ‘Present moment’. To understand focus on and exist within your light at One with your Divnity your Soul thereby tranforming the suboncoious (beleifs and emotions) into higher energetic vibrations that are aligned with your truth OM x :  ) x.

Allow your Monad to guide and heal your soul you true inner-chlid and allow your Monad to surrender to the Creator OM x :  ) x each and every day :  ) GLORIOUS x I Love you all x thank you x.


You may also enjoy this wonderful article by Marjolein Brugman on the Power of Love and Healing thank you x.

Update: Soul-Realization and Self-Mastery

On Earth our Soul incarnates into a Body which during early years is given an extrinsic identity and belief system which we could call the Ego Self or Mind-Body Personality (Psychophysiology) which essentially consists of the Body Subconscious beliefs and Mind/Conscious thoughts, at this point the person has little realisation of their true eternal inherent inner-Soul-nature and they have not yet learned how to tune-into trust and program their beliefs from within and remember their intrinsic nature.

Whereas the true Soul nature can shine through the persons Personality like a stained-glass window it is certainly not always a true reflection of their inner-truth and over-time can become something quite different and in contrast to their Authentic nature. The Mind/Body Personality or Ego is like a child that doesn’t know who or what s/he is, it is the tip of a larger Soul ice-burg or a lamp-shade around it’s bright and beautiful inner-truth, or the glass bulb that needs clearing/healing/dusting for the Light and truth to Shine through. It is like a Child or a Puppy that needs to be reprogrammed/re-conditioned and raised with Love Light/Joy Will and Wisdom. Developing Self-Awareness & Self-control is key. Giving it Love freedom and appropriate boundaries. Feeding it with Love Light Mastery and Wisdom until the two become One :  ) until the Soul Light and the Personality (Subconscious beliefs Conscious thoughts Actions and behaviour) become One :  ) x this is the process of Self-Awareness and Integration or Mastery of Self :  ) x.