Clearing Healing & Releasing : )

Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good.” — Abraham

Simple 2 Step Process for Healing past Pain & hurt that you may become ‘Aware’ of within you in the Present moment: 
1. Accept: I Accept my Hurt my Pain or I Accept my Anger / fear (Focus on this until Peace returns within).
2. Love: I Love my Pain (Focus on this until the pain is dissolved and Peace returns x).
Note: With the Power of Awareness Your Light the Essence of your Consciousness will naturally clear and heal it.

Choosing to let go and release past pain and hurt is a beautiful and courageous intention that allows you to release old energy and integrate your truth your love and light and become whole happy and complete within once more :  ) x.

Allowing yourself to clear and cleanse past hurt, the hurt that as a Soul whilst planning your life you chose to experience to assist your realization of self. You only experienced being hurt when you chose to forget who and what you truly are, when you were not connected to your light and when your light was not embodied within the physical vehicle.

It is time to remember :  ) and embody your truth here on Earth with Ease now my friends OM x.

For that which you most desire need and want is also the clearing healing and soothing balm to heal any and all wounds now and forever more, it is you, it is your Light x and it is within you to clear and heal yourself.

If anyone :  ) annoys or iterates you ‘Thank them’ haha i know i know lol stay with me :  ) x take a step back, do not react, move away from them the situation and ‘Thank them’ Yes :  ) ‘Thank them’ :  ) haha because they are pushing your buttons of old past hurt within you to help you, to assist you to let it all go i.e. to feel it and clear it :  ) x

Allow yourself to be and feel vulnerable and to be sensitive my friend to ‘FEEL IT AND HEAL IT‘ for then you will feel a GREAT UNSHAKABLE POWER & STRENGTH EMERGE FROM WITH YOU OM x.

Do not be afraid of any ‘past’ pain that you may feel within my beloved children for it has gone, it has gone, it is from the past and you can now simply let it go now and forevermore.

If you ever feel hurt my friends just make some time for yourself to be quite and alone to be in a safe and sacred place and allow yourself to fully feel and release your hurt :  ) I Love you, for you are so brave x you have experienced so much and now it is time to let it all go and re-unite fully with your truth and light :  ) I Love you.

Take time to step back and re-align with your Light within, love yourself and simply allow any and all hurt to be cleared and released with ease OM x. The most effective clearing and healing technique is to bathe and fill yourself with Pure Divine clearing and healing light.

The Soul Light Activation guidelines and working with your Beautiful beloved Angels and Guides will assist you with this my friends ‘tremendously’ if you haven’t activated your light and energy systems yet. It will help support and EMPOWER you ;  ) x. This is the Human washing-machine and our Higher selves have the perfect and most ‘natural’ washing powder/light lol :   ) x.

And so with this understanding there is no need to judge or blame another for hurting you for in truth they are assisting you. If you feel hurt and pain and then sad and angry my friends all of this happens within you and you can clear and let this go now with ease.

For if another hurts you there is no need anymore to judge or to blame or become angry : ) as in truth you have created the situation and they are helping you to heal :  ) do you see how you create EVERYTHING even that which on the surface you may think you did not desire. They are showing you where healing and releasing is needed, they are showing you where to shine your light to release hurt that is longer needed. Thank you.

They are assisting you to heal to awaken activate your light integrate and become your truth on earth :  ) x.

And of course dear ones my dear friends if you do become angry don’t worry this is great too for you are feeling the hurt and allowing it to be released. All is Perfect :  ) x.

Try not and if possible to ever act our in anger and instead allow yourself to remain centered and calm even if you can feel a volcano could erupt from within allow it to do so in privacy when you feel it is safe to let go, somewhere you wouldn’t hurt harm or offend others such as in the car or in a wide open space where if you feel like screaming shouting cursing crying raving and ranting you Go for it :  ) you do soo and get it out of your system :  ). Although in such a way that does not hurt or harm others in anyway.

Release it.

Or you could write / type / journal about it which is another beautiful clearing releasing and healing technique that is very effective.

And ALWAYS :  ) Love yourself unconditionally

You could use an energy healing technique with your Light Clearing Activation such as EFT and repeat a very effective and self-affirming clearing and healing affirmation such as:

‘Even though I feel ?????????? I wholly completely and absolutely Love and accept myself unconditionally’ ‘especially my pain hurt sorrow and sadness’ ‘I Love you’ ‘I Love you’ ‘ I Love you’.

This will heal yourself your true self your inner-child your inner Soul light extension just as you would heal and console a child of your own or someone you love.

or ‘I Love and forgive myself unconditionally’.

Knowing that in truth there is nothing to forgive as we are all learning and loved Unconditionally OM :  )  x.

As past life experiences on the earth have been a learning process for all and the current awakening healing releasing and integration process upon the earth that EVERYONE is going through or has gone through will allow you develop such pristine and beautiful energies/qualities within you such as Pure Compassion Kindness Unconditional Love and understanding and allow you to be a great blessing upon the Earth with great Beauty Peace Love Joy and ease :  ) x.

After you’ve done all that my friends you will feel as fresh as a Daisy :  ) x lol x.

Thank you x.

Note: in Healing yourself you are in fact also healing the Creator for you are One OM x :  ) x


Update: You may also enjoy this Wonderful Wonderful video by Poloma Somrak (namaste) on letting go to assist you :  ) x. It is Beautiful.

Update: You may also find this video helpful by Eckhart Tolle on ‘Expression of Emotions‘ and this audio CD by Kim Eng on ‘Healing the Pain-body‘.