Science & Religion : )


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In Essence Science and Religion are One.

Scientists ‘LOVE’ discovering Creation from the external-in, Spiritual people ‘LOVE’ discovering Creation from the internal-out :  ) both are ‘LOVE’ :  ) x.

Ancient Mystics brought Messages to Earth to Enlighten Empower Heal and Unify the World.

Religions were created to continue the Good work of the Messengers and to spread the messages of Love Light and Unity, but eventually they became lost in translation.

And just as Religions intended Science emerged to free Humanity from it’s ignorance, to Discover the truth of Life in order to Enlighten & Empower Humanity and the World.

a self-confessed science nut “I just really love finding out about how things work.” re

And this is what Science is moving towards and what is occurring today :  ) x

Currently of this writing there is still some work to do :  ) however we are all moving in the right direction with perfect Divine timing and we have a VERY EXCITING time ahead :  ) x

In Essence Science and Religion are One.

:  ) x

The Intellect and Will of Scientists and the Peace and Love of Spiritual people are two sides of the ‘same’ coin. They are all energies that extend from the same Pure Divine Source of Light the Essence of our Beings X :  )
The 20th Century was the epitome of Science and Innovation of Intellect and Will and it can now be clearly seen by humanity that without the balance of love and light you cannot create a Happy & Healthy Society. Now that balance is being restored we can all look forward to living in a Beautiful society where science produces innovations that will truly benefit uplift enhance love and support life on earth, i love you all x