Masculine Feminine & Inner-Child

Our Pure divine Soul essence is always in a state of Perfect Peace Balance an equilibrium and contains Masculine energies (Strength Will Power Courage and Fearlessness) Feminine energies (Beauty Peace Love & Compassion) and inner-Child (Light Joy and Freedom : ).

However during our lives depending on our beliefs and how we perceive ourselves in physical form i.e. our identity and how we choose to live our lives we can integrate into our bodies and aura more of one energy than another which can create a feeling of imbalance e.g. Child energy without the masculine could create your inner-child feeling vulnerable/victim, without the feminine unloved, however too much masculine can create feelings of over-drive and eventually burn-out.

During the 20th century the Yang energy was predominant and it is now time to balance this energy with the softer Yin energies the energy of Love Beauty Peace and Pure Divine Love Light and Grace at this time to create balance Peace and equilibrium on the Earth. And this will now integrate Creating a Heaven on the Earth for all to experience Love and Enjoy :  ) x.

As we live and learn we become Aware of the Core Energies within us the Trinity, Pure : Light Love Will-Power & Strength i.e. the Child of the Light Joyous and Free, the Feminine Peace Love Compassion Beautiful & Radiant, the Masculine Will-Power Protector Fearless Warrior and Creator … being Aware and having the right relationship within is the key to becoming Whole Happy and Complete within … The Child the Pure Light within needs to be Loved Unconditionally as it learns and Grows(Feminine) and oh how it Radiates Glows and Rejoices with thy Love and to be Protected (Masculine) and oh how it feels Strong and capable of achieving/CREATING anything … finally the awareness to Surrender Trust Allow the blossoming and Expression of Each is the Wisdom of the Light within :  ) Within Within Within. Ultimately of course they are all ONE the Pure Joy Love Power and Wisdom of the Light WITHIN YOU.  James x W

To create Peace and Balance within you and to bring this to the World is to recognize understand love and honour BOTH the Pure Divine Child Masculine and Feminine energies within you.

To recognize Love and honor both Masculine ad Energy equally within and to integrate and synthesize them will create a perfect state of pure divine balance and harmony within. Of course in truth my friends they are already one Pure and Perfectly balanced within you and when you recognise this all you need to do is to affirm your truth to create and manifest this balance within your physical bodies aura and life on Earth OM with Ease x :  ) x.

Human relationships and friendships allow is to feel express and understand the love light and joy that already exist within our hearts. Understanding that we already have these energies within us and that we are these energies and that we are Strong and Beautiful beings already Whole Happy and complete within allows us to Enjoy Healthier and Happier non-attached  supportive and loving relationships with others.

Bringing Peace to yourself and Peace to the World.

Although in truth they are one You could think of your Soul as containing three core groups of energy (Trinity):

  1. Inner-child : Purity Love Light Joy :  ) and Freedom
  2. Feminine : Harmony Beauty Peace Love Light Joy and Freedom
  3. Masculine : Will-Power Strength Empowerment Courage Confidence and Fearlessness.

The Courage to follow the Will of your Heart and Soul is accessible through an Open-heart by allowing yourself to be vulnerable to be sensitive arises a GREAT & UNSHAKABLE  WILL POWER & STRENGTH from within YOU. The POWER of LOVE. It is through Love through Surrender Trust and faith that the true Power of your being the Power of creation arises OM x. And of course they are ONE and arise from the same energy and Source of Light within you :  ) x.

The energies above can be separate and categorized into three groups however it is always important to realize that they come from the same source of Light within. These energies could be reffered to as different Qualities of the same Light within.

When we are young :  ) which at a Soul level within in truth is NOW and forever more, rather when our physical bodies are young we experience the Purity Joy and Freedom of Being a Child Innocent and free (as of course we are always so in truth and in the eyes of our Creator Source). Depending on if we have incarnated into a Male or Female form we experience the Masculine or Feminine energies through nature (Physical body / hormones etc…) and nurture (adopted beliefs ideas thoughts and opinions). Boys are often conditioned through example films tv sports and video games to be Grounded Strong Labourus and/or Intellectual Engineers and Scientists etc… Girls are often nurtured to be Loving Supportive and Caring.

When each gender embodies such different qualities this can be a source of confusion between both sexes and sometimes they find it difficult to understand each other. Men and women have been operating with different energies (chakras open and activated) and levels of awareness. For more information on the chakras please click here.

One is often more Physical & Mental and the other Heart-based and Emotional. This is a simplistic and general view of the old World and certainly not exclusively especially of the New World of the 21st century, however it is wise to reflect and learn.

Whereas in truth as Souls we are all completely EQUAL and can equally access and equally embody all of these energies (And many more).

NOW in 2012+ we continue to move into an Age where both genders Male and Female can be both Empowered and Loving and this is required to bring Balance Peace and Harmony to our Planet, our Beautiful Beloved Earth.

And so in order to be Centered Balanced and at Peace within is to be Loving Light-hearted and Empowered.

This is one of the reasons why we have come to the Earth and experience Human form in order to experience and learn about these different energies.

And now is the time to be Whole Happy and Complete within Yourself to LOVE your LIGHT and follow the WILL-POWER of your heart/soul.

Update: Self-Sufficiency & Soul Sustainability :  )
The LightxDivine is present within all Souls, it is the essence of all Beings and by simply discovering and recognising your Light and truth enhamces it’s presance within you. Just as the presance of a loved one makes you come alive and feel good as their Positive loving energy enhances your light ;  ) your own Love enhances the Light within you. As Love is an inherent property/energy of your Light simply being/oberving your truth enhances its presance within :  ). When you truly recognise who you are the Pure divine Beauty within attracts your Love and attanetion and you expand and become self-sufficient as your Love natrually enhancs your Light and you become :  ) Whole Happy amd Complete within yourself :  ) x OM x.