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The Heart of Success: the X-factor and Light within us all x :  )

Summary: The article presents a Model of Personal and Professional development for the 21st Century.

It is clear that a deeper awareness and intelligence is required to create a Healthy Happy Harmonious and Prosperous society. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to be aware, understand and regulate our emotions and is a key ingredient towards being Happy and Productive. Daniel Goleman reported on compelling breakthroughs from the fields of neuroscience and business, he found that those who excel in emotional intelligence achieve not only superior academic and business results, but also have higher levels of personal fulfillment and increased well-being.

In addition to EI research by the Institute of HeartMath is uncovering the important role of the heart’s intuition in balancing and managing our mental and emotional energy. Intuitive Intelligence (IntQ) is the ability to tune into the inspiration and guiding force within us. According to HEC Paris International Business school Intuitive intelligence is the ability to combine our analytical mind with our intuitive aptitude to solve problems in an innovative way and succeed in the new economy. Today intuition is being touted by management consultants as “essential.” In a study of 13,000 business executives by Harvard researcher Jagdish Parikh, the executives credited 80 percent of their business success to relying on their intuition.

“Studies investigating the impact of HeartMath programs in the workplace have documented a wide range of organizationally relevant outcomes, including increases in productivity, job satisfaction, communication effectiveness, improvement in employee health and reductions in turnover.” (4)

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) an American Professor of psychology believed we are universally motivated by the same basic needs and that our needs can be arranged in a hierarchical fashion. Maslow theorized that individuals achieved Well-Being and Self-Actualization after completing a series of stages, starting with fulfilling the basic needs of food and water, safety and shelter, to finding respect and self-esteem. After these stages have been met the individual can begin to possess and achieve a deeper understanding of self. Maslow’s hierarchy below can be viewed as stages of Personal development:

Figure 1: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

At the top of Maslow’s hierarchy Self-Actualization & Transcendence can be defined as humanity’s highest potential, self-realization and an understanding of Unity consciousness. Maslow defined this inherent and natural state as one of Well-Being with positive feelings of Joy, Serenity, Euphoria and an awareness of the Unity of all things. Maslow was sure that the more emotionally healthy we are, the greater the likelihood and frequency of these experiences in our daily lives.

The following hypothesis presents a Model of Human Development and Conscious Awareness. We can clearly see that there are deeper levels of ourselves that we can become aware of and understand and in doing so we can gain greater self-awareness and intelligence. The Multiple Intelligence Model of Human Potential below illustrates these levels within us:

Figure 2: Multiple Intelligence Model of Human Potential

Divine Intelligence: the realization and integration of our true authentic nature and potential within.
Intuitive-Intelligence: the ability to be aware of our inner-guidance and intuitive insights.
Emotional Intelligence: the ability to self-reflect and understand our beliefs and emotions.
+ Social Intelligence: the ability to understand our relationships with others.
Cognitive Intelligence: the ability to focus, understand, create and achieve our goals.
Physical Intelligence: the ability to understand and satisfy your physical needs.
An outer circle could also be added to represent conscious Imagination our ability to visualise, our capacity of infinite creative potential.

It shows we have the Conscious capacity to understand life from within and the Creative capacity to bring our ideas to life. Each level from Divine to physical awareness is equal in order for us to understand our needs and live Happy Productive lives in a healthy and balanced way.

From top to bottom the diagram illustrates the Creative Process and how we receive new ideas from within the Eureka Ah Ha moment of Intuitive insight to the Cognitive use of thought and mental planning and the creation of new physical forms. The light within is the energy of Creativity, the inherent Spark of Genius that Lights up our Mind with flashes of spontaneous insight and inspiration that give rise to new ideas creativity and innovation. The initial stages require relaxation and reflection whereas the later stages require will-power focus and action.

Scientific research shows that our brains operate in multiple brain-wave states:

  • The Beta brainwave state is associated with focused concentration, our average everyday awakened state.
  • Alpha brainwaves represent a state of relaxed mental awareness and reflection.
  • Theta brainwaves are even slower in frequency and represent a state of deep relaxation and meditation, enhanced creativity, stress relief, light sleep and dreaming.
  • Delta brainwaves are slower and have long been associated with healing.
  • Gamma brainwave states are the most rapid in frequency. Research has indicated at moments when bursts of insight or high-levels information processing occur. (5)

Although our brains operate in all of these brain-wave states simultaneously, we operate in one of the states at any given time and this indicates our state of mind and level of conscious awareness as indicated in figure 2 above. The following diagram provides an ‘indication’ of how we access these levels within us:

Figure 3: Brain-wave states

Research with Buddhist monks have shown a correlation between gamma waves and transcendental states of Unity consciousnesses (7). Research shows that Gamma waves occur during an insightful AH-Ha ‘Light-Bulb’ moment (6).

These states of consciousness are discussed by Dr. Mihály Csíkszentmihály the author of the best-selling book ‘Flow’, the classic work on how to achieve Happiness and Optimal Performance. Flow is being ‘in the Zone’ a state of consciousness that occurs when we are fully immersed in the present moment, we feel positive energized and focused, our Mind Body and Soul are aligned and our levels of Happiness and Performance increase.  Dr. Jane McGonical has also written and spoke about how Gaming is an example of totally immersing ourselves in the achievement of a task. When we Enjoy ourselves and have fun such as Playing Games we ‘Light-up’ or Power-up :  ), we increase our Energy levels and our resilience. We Rejuvenate at a cellular level and our bodies come alive enhancing our performance in everything we do.

Sir Ken Robinson an International advisor on education describes this phenomenon within us as ‘Being in your Element’:

“Activities we love fill us with energy even when we are physically exhausted.. When people place themselves in situations that lead to their being in the zone, they tap into a primal source of energy. They are literally more alive because of it. It is as though being in the zone plugs you into a kind of power pack.. Being in your Element, having that experience of flow, is empowering because it’s a way of Unifying our energies. It’s a way of feeling deeply connected.. and it curiously comes about through a sense of relaxing.” (9)

Similarly Dr. Spencer Johnson best-selling author and Change Management consultant encapsulates the essence of Flow in less than 80 pages in his Beautiful book of Wisdom the Precious Present “The richness of the precious present comes from its own source” (8). Perhaps Eckhart Tolle sums it up perfectly with the title of his first best-selling book ‘The Power of NOW’. All Paths are Pointing to the same Soulution.

The Institute of HeartMath IHM refer to the this state as being in ‘coherence’. Bruce Cryer (10) President of the IHM states  “developing coherence leads to increased mental clarity, creativity and enhanced problem-solving abilities, so it becomes easier to find solutions and better ways of handling any stressful situation.” A preeminent German physicist, Fritz-Albert Popp a German physicist (11) focuses on coherence in biology and has discovered a dynamic web of light that connects cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism’s main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes by the regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The discovery of biophoton emission also lends scientific support to energy flowing in our bodies meridian energy channels otherwise known as ‘chi’  which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine regulates our body functions or the “prana” Energy-force of Indian Yoga physiology.

Intuition Creativity and Abundant energy are most available when we Relax and Surrender to the moment. The Taoism concept of ‘effortless action’ encourages us to surrender and flow effortlessly through life. It is clear when we trust our Inner-tuition our Intuition and do what we feel is right everything is accomplished with greater ease and joy. Perhaps the brain-wave model indicates that the more we relax our minds and step outside the box we enter the infinite creative Potential of our Soul.

The intrinsic motivation of our Soul and Source guide us to Opportunities in Life that lead to greater self-realization healing development & growth, where we can use our unique Gifts and talents that bring us the Beauty Peace Love Joy full-filling us from within. Every-one has a Positive Purpose for being on the Earth at this Special time. Trust and allow everything to unfold with ease.

Our soul is the Source of our conscious awareness that allows us to think feel and experience life, this is an essential and  fundamental missing component in the awareness and understanding of humanity today.

Figure 4: Mind Body Soul

As we evolve we understand and integrate our true authentic nature and create a New Beautiful Happy and Healthy reality upon the Earth.

The Pure Positive Light of our Soul contains all the possible positive qualities and virtues that we can access and integrate into our beings, and this is what we are all achieving through our Life experiences i.e. experiential learning and the meaning of life. Our Souls inherit the positive energies of it’s Source such as the qualities of the Masculine Feminine & Inner-Child Trinity: Beauty Compassion Peace & Love, Personal-Power Strength & Wisdom and Freedom Joy Enthusiasm & Unlimited Creative Potential:

Figure 5: Core Qualties

When we discover the Pure Divine Love & Light within, our True Authentic nature blossoms from within empowering and full-filling us with the virtues of our Light.

The Inspiration and Passion we feel towards doing the things we Love or the Compassion and Joy that we all feel towards our close family and friends are an example of this energy. Can you see the equality and goodness ‘within you’ within all? Many many people do not realise the Beauty and potential within them.

Our Soul is a source of energy and Light that exists in the Present moment. When our Mind Body and Emotions are aligned and unified with our Soul we are in our Element and Flow through Life with Purpose Ease and Joy. Our Soul is our source of coherence and center point of individual consciousness that extends from a central Source of Pure Light and Life-force energy.

The diagram illustrates the structure of consciousness and inherent Source of light within us all:

Soul and SourceFigure 6: Structure of Consciousness

David Bohm a British physicist believed that everything is connected and one unified whole. The diagram clearly illustrates our interconnectedness as our Souls extend from a central unifying Source of Light. It is this energy that animates and sustains our physical form. Fritz-Albert Popp confirms the existence of particles of Light known as biophotons that transmit information within and between cells. The biophoton light is the mediator between the Body and Soul and when our light is flowing freely it leads to sustained positive emotions optimal health and well-being.

Research by the Institute of HeartMath shows the heart produces the body’s most powerful electromagnetic field, it is no coincidence that the Soul essence and Inner-Light of each person can be discovered within the Heart chakra. Valerie Hunt, a professor at the University of California discovered the chakra frequencies and has produced a scale of frequencies corresponding to state of mind and level of personal development. Similarly Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama has created instruments that verify the chakras and the flow of energy through the body.

Figure 7: Chakra system

Maslow’s Pyramid can be mapped to the Chakra System as a similar model of human development. As we progress through life mature and develop our consciousness the chakras open from the root chakra which provides a predominant awareness of our  physical body and needs to the Sacral chakra and Sexual energy experienced during Puberty and the Solar plexus chakra providing a greater awareness of the individualised self identity and self-esteem (Early adulthood) to the Heart and an understanding of our Authentic-self, to the throat chakra (Authentic Self-expression), to the third-eye chakra providing us enhanced intuition, greater Authentic Self awareness, discernment and Wisdom of our ‘inner’-potential and purpose to the opening of the Crown chakra allowing for complete Self-realization & Transcendence.

As a result of practices such as CBT and NLP people are much more aware of the Conscious and Sub-consciousness Mind within them. The current frontier in the field of Personal & Professional development is an awareness and understanding of our Superconscious Mind our Authentic Soul consciousness.

Figure 8: Superconscious Mind

In a ‘relaxed’ state we can easily feel our Soul Light within our Source of Creativity Happiness and Joy. This core energy however can be surrounded by limiting subconscious beliefs and suppressed emotions that can prevent people from being and realising their true potential. These can be cleared from within with ease allowing people to Open-up and become aware of their Pure Positive Authentic Self and realise their full-potential. This is the next step in Personal and Professional development.

With focused intent we can allow our light to emanate integrate and rejuvenate our Mind Body and Soul full-filling us from within. The more Light we allow to freely flow through our body the more energy Light and life-force we have to live Healthy Happy and Productive lives. Living a Healthy balanced life and eating a healthy balanced diet are also essential components that allow our life-force to recharge and flow through our bodies. Soulution:

Di = Divine intelligence, IntQ = Intuitive intelligence, EQ = Emotional intelligence,
CQ = Cognitive intelligence, PQ = Physical intelligence.

Figure 9: Soulution

On the surface Equal Opportunities, Eco/Environment, Organic Produce, Natural Energy sources, Healthy eating/lifestyles, Human rights, Interfaith, Legal-system, Emotional Intelligence, Business Ethics, Team-working, Flexible working, decentralization & Empowerment, Web 2.0 Social Media (‘Like/Love’, Friends/Connection replacing Separation) are some examples of the current Shift leading to an Open heart-based connected society where intentions/decisions are made for the benefit of all.

When our mind is aligned with our heart and Soul we are able to create wonderful products / services / organizations that benefit all. There is now widespread recognition of the importance of transpersonal concepts in Business Leadership Management Entrepreneurship and related fields.

The deep inter-connectivity that we share gives rise to our open-hearted desire and philanthropic need to assist others. Inherently we are all one family. As Humanities awareness naturally continues to evolve existing Organisation Mission Statements, Objectives & Policies will continue to evolve for the benefit of all. The energy and values of the Heart & Soul are now integrating at an Individual & Organisational level for us all to play and equal role in the Creation of a Beautiful New World.

Although the article presents various scientific findings models and concepts, ultimately it provides a map to Soul-Centered Consciousness (fig.10) and a simple but profound discovery and realization i.e. We are Divine, Pure Powerful Beings of Unconditional Love and Light. We are Divine x Whole Happy and Complete ‘within’ Ourselves, we are also deeply interconnected and extend from a Central Source of Pure Divine Radient Love & Light, and this is our inherent Truth OM x. We are all here to realize this and create a Beautiful New World upon the Earth.

Soul-Centered Consciousness

Figure 10: Soul & Source Centered Consciousness

Note: This Article was written as a Bridge in Consciousness to assist Humanity with it’s Awakening in 2012. To read the summary blog post please click here.

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