The Spiritualize Technique

by Owen Waters

This is a simple yet incredibly powerful technique which will spiritualize your life and dissolve any challenge you face.

The difference between a problem and an elegant solution is the level of your consciousness. When you step into higher consciousness, you invoke transformative power.

Principles of the Spiritualize Technique

1) You are one with God. You are an individualized aspect of the consciousness of the Creator charged with the mission of experiencing life from one unique point of view.

2) God is good. The created universe is completely benevolent. The appearance of evil in this world is caused by a lack of spiritual light, just as shadow or coldness is caused by a lack of physical light. All beings are inherently drawn to finding their inner light and everyone succeeds in this, their primary mission, sooner or later. By consciously aligning ourselves with the goodness of God, we add light to the shadows and transform the darkness around us.

3) Action creates results. There is a widespread myth that, if you do enough to be judged worthy, God will grant you favors. The reality is that, while prayer can and does work, it does not work by God doing anything at your request. The prayers that work are the ones which elevate the pure in heart into a state of higher consciousness where their situation becomes transformed by the goodness and harmony of God’s universal energies. The key point to realize is that the responsibility for action lies with you. When you align yourself sufficiently with the presence of God and the benevolent nature of all Creation, all things in your life can transform and become healed. It is the realization of your oneness with the Divine and the realization of the goodness of God that acts as a transformative power within your reality.

The Spiritualize Technique

Focus on your breathing while your body relaxes and your mind settles into a reflective state. Then, take three heart-breaths as follows: On each inbreath, visualize spiritual energy as an intense white light coming from the Sun and filling your brain. On each outbreath, transfer that energy down the spine to the level of the heart, then send it out the front of your body into your heart chakra, which is a vortex of energy located approximately four inches (ten centimeters) in front of the breastbone.

Then, silently make these declarations:

I am in God.
God is in me.
God and I are one.

For a moment, think about these statements and what the realization of Oneness means to you. Feel the closeness of the all-pervasive Presence of God with every breath you take and every beat of your heart. Feel the Presence right there with you as a living reality, breathing you, beating your heart. Continue to focus on the breath in order to reach the necessary state of peace and deep relaxation. Once you have reached this peaceful state, you no longer focus on the breath. You stop thinking and listen.

Adopt a state of attentive silence. Be receptive to the still, silent voice of inner awareness.

Some people receive impressions as mental pictures, some hear them as mental words, but most people simply receive ideas as a sudden arrival of understanding. The wisdom from your soul will be able to reach you either at this moment or at a later time while your attention is diverted elsewhere. Be especially attentive in the next few hours for any subtle idea that arises more than once. It is the repetitive occurrence of such thoughts into your conscious mind that alert you to the realization that you are receiving a suggestion worthy of immediate consideration.

When you feel the peace of the Presence, you know that the God in you is the same God in everyone you will meet today. You know that this omnipresence goes before you to prepare your path today and stays behind to bless those you have touched.

The Spiritualize technique can be practiced several times a day, whenever you need inner guidance or support. It should only take you one to five minutes. It includes several powerful principles to help you connect with the Presence of God. With practice, you can dispense with some details of the technique, but be sure to observe the essential steps.

The Essential Steps of the Spiritualize Technique

1. Focus inward. You must turn your attention within as God is within you. Nothing is out there except the illusion of matter and your outward performance in the theater of life.

2. Breathe into your heart chakra. Heart-centered consciousness is the gateway to God. If you use your intellect only, you will be unable to proceed to step 3.

3. Connect with God. Leave behind all your cares and the issues of the day. Focus your thoughts only upon God. Then stop thinking, be still, and listen. This will have a transformative effect upon your situation and your life.

When we released the Spiritualize technique last Wednesday, we had no idea that it would produce such an avalanche of thankful emails. The Spiritualize technique brings spiritual transformation and solves life’s challenges as they arise.

It contains several powerful principles which help you to connect easily and quickly with the transformative power of the Divine Presence. Once you are thoroughly familiar with the technique and have used it many times, you will find it becomes a part of you. Throughout your day, you will be turning within to the truth of your being. Several times on a daily basis, you will be be connected with a higher level of consciousness. You will spiritualize all aspects of your life.

The critical key to the success of this revolutionary practice is to realize your oneness with the Divine.

“I am in God. God is in me. I am one with God.”

Once you allow this fundamental truth behind all reality to live within you, all things in your life can be transformed for the good.

The Spiritualize technique will spiritualize your life and it will work to produce an elegant solution for any challenge you face.

When you want more meaning in your life, Spiritualize it!

When you want your day to be filled with the wisdom of your soul, Spiritualize it!

When a challenge appears in life, Spiritualize it!

The Spiritualize technique fits right into a busy schedule. Practice it at the start of every day in order to prompt intuitive support for the day ahead. Use it again several times a day whenever you need inner guidance.

It takes just one to five minutes. By using it throughout your day, you begin to train yourself to focus on Reality rather than illusion. This begins to open the inner world to you. As this happens, your outer world begins to reflect your higher understanding and wisdom.

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