Will : Focus & Mastery : Affirmations for Awakening & Soul Integration

Daily affirmations assist you in focusing on what you wish to ‘feel’ and experience within your being body and life.

The purpose of affirmations is to hep you focus and integrate the Pure divine energies from your Soul and Source. The energies that you wish to experience and Enjoy :  ) for example if you want to be Happy then focus on the energy of Love Light and JOY :  ) or the energy of ♡ Love kindness and Compassion or Purity and Unity with your Divine essence ☼ :  ) x or the energy of Will-Power and unshakable Strength, or Abundance, anything and everything you wish to feel and experience is available to you right NOW :  ).

You can focus on and activate any energy you wish to experience or increase within you at anytime e.g. during meditation or quite times during your day, at anytime that is convienient you can affirm activate emenate and integrate any energy you wish to expereince from your Soul and Source and live a beautiful ife upon the Earth OM x.

This is also the process of ‘Manifestation’ for what you embody within you is reflected to you in your outer reality OM x :  ).

Here are some example Affirmations: 

Please Note: Make up your own as you feel guided from within.

  • I completely and absolutely Surrender Trust and Allow.
  • I AM the Soul, I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love, I AM Will, I am Fixed Design.
  • I AM the Soul, Monad and Source. I AM the inherent Perfection of my Divine truth in manifestation upon the Earth.
  • I have a body, but I AM not my body, my body may find itself in different conditions of health or sickness, this has nothing to do with who I AM. I have behaviour, feelings, emotions, personality and reality but I AM none of these, I also have a mind but I AM not my mind, my mind is my tool for creating my life experience.
  • I AM a center of PURE and POWERFUL Radiant Light, a center of PURE self Consciousness and Will.
  • I AM a Sun of Pure and Powerful Radiant Light.
  • Everything I truly love want desire or need is within me.
  • I AM WHOLE HAPPY and COMPLETE within myself.
  • I AM EQUAL and at ONE with all Life.
  • Be still and know that I AM that what I AM inherently so, I AM my Soul & Source consciousness in manifestation upon the Earth :  ).