The Value of Openness & Our inner state of Consciousness


Video-clip – The Value of Openness to the Light within:


“Eckhart teaches that the vast power of the Universe is within us: in essence it is who we are on the deeper level. For us to experience this immense intelligence, we need to be open to it. If a person is closed, they are unable to connect with the vast power [of the Light] within.” – eckharttolletv

Video-clip: Our inner state of Consciousness:


“The external world is the source of transformation; it is not here to satisfy us. When we know ourselves as the underlying consciousness, the presence, true satisfaction arises.” – eckharttolletv

The Secret of Life and the Light of Consciousness within x


Eckhart teaches us that the secret of life is there are two dimensions to who we are: the personal entity (your life situation, name, personal history, problems) and there is a deeper dimension in within us (the light of consciousness). We are both, and when the ‘light of consciousness’ predominates over the personal sense of self, we are connected to the Presence within.