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Allow Alignment & Well-Being


When you understand that you are a Vibrational Being, first and foremost—and that your dominant intention becomes that of tuning your Vibrational frequency to that of the Source within you—you will provide the perfect basis for the cells of your physical body to thrive.

When you are able to find 15 minutes in every day to relax and tune to the frequency of your Source, during that time of meditation, all resistance and hindrance will cease, allowing the cells of your body the opportunity to return to their natural state of Well-Being. And your improved Vibrational state will then begin to spread through larger segments of your day.

At the root of your physical condition is the condition of your cells. At the root of the physical condition of your cells is a Vibrational pattern. At the root of that Vibrational pattern is alignment with the Well-Being of the Source within you.

— Abraham