Observing Transformation by St. Germain x


I invite you to contemplate, do you know your own potential? Do you know how you can transform? Do you understand the outcome if you allowed yourself to transform? These are interesting questions. I also wish to share with you that it is valuable to your spiritual evolution to ask yourself questions such as these as it inspires understanding as well as new aspects of your truth to awaken. However when you ask yourself a question there is no need to expect an answer, this is because the question is a far more powerful instigator

and activator of your energy than receiving the answer. When you receive the answer to your question this is only a response grounding into your physical body and awareness from a major shift which has occurred energetically. In truth the answer you receive can in no way describe the response which has taken place energetically. When you ask yourself questions you are encouraging your inner core energy to blossom, expand and become its truth, it is an energetic reaction which occurs within you synthesising you with the Creator. The answer you receive is almost like the description of the energetic reaction which is almost unfulfilling compared to the shift and awakening taken place within your being. …

The important thing is that the question has been asked, whether you receive the guidance or inspiration through your mental or emotional body it doesn’t matter because a blossoming of your truth is taking place which is impacting your ascension and connection with the Creator whether you are aware of it or not, you have received all that is appropriate and necessary. Therefore you can have faith that you are always growing,

activating and transforming, the key is to encourage yourself to be observant of the beautiful energetic reactions taking place within your being.

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2012 Alignment: The Age of Light

A New World upon the Earth has begun, a New World of Peace Love Light Freedom Unity Joy and Abundance for all.

2012+ is an evolutionary step in the Awareness of Humanity, a time when Humanity will become aware live create and be the truth of their inner-beings.

When the beauty radiance love light gifts wisdom and abilities will blossom from their Hearts/Souls and create a New Beautiful World for all to Love Enjoy & Cherish. Yes a new Beautiful World for ‘You’ to Love Enjoy and Cherish.

This will unfold in perfect divine timing for you as all upon the Earth awaken(realise) to who they truly are beyond the physical body and personality.

We love you all and are here to guide assist love and support you every step of the way.

We are the Heavenly Host OM x we are the overseers and Guardians of the Ascension process unfolding upon the Earth at this time.

We are here to Hold to Love to Light and to Guide you Home ‘within’ you within your Physical vehicles and to birth your divinity upon the earth creating Heaven on Earth for you  and x :  ) x for all OM x.

Please know that from 2012+ everything re-orientates FOR Awakening for Peace for Love for Joy for Unity for Healing FOR You:   ) x.

All this and more can now be achieved with Ease, simply set your intentions and allow the process to unfold from within.

Thank you :  ) x.