Being in Love


Being in love is so good for you. Often when people are newly in love, things that have been bothering them for a long time get better. Something wonderful is calling the majority of their attention, so they’re holding themselves in a better vibrational place, so the stuff they’ve been wanting all along can now zoom in.


Love is an essential energy within us all that heals all wounds and set’s our Soul Light free x Love Yourself Unconditionally x all aspects & Live a Beautiful & Happy Life full of Love & Light x x x Be who you truly are x We Love You all OM x

Reflections: Live Love Learn & Enjoy Life

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Humanity has experienced learning through contrast e.g. you don’t know what you are or what you’ve got until you lose it i.e. your Beauty, Peace, Love, Light, joy and Empowerment. Now however humanity has matured and entered a new evolutionary phase of learning, learning through Positive experience such as learning about Peace by being peaceful, love through loving life including and especially yourself, about Beauty by experiencing embodying and Being Beautiful, learning about joy through enjoying life and yourself, about Empowerment through Being Empowered and Creating the life you want, about Wisdom through trusting your self and your intuition within :  ) x x

There is a transitionary period whilst people let go old ways of thinking however the new world is here, for everyone to experience when they are ready :  ) x how do you live in and experience this New World or rather New Energy? Allow it to blossom from within your heart to radiate fill and to Surround You OM x

Haha a somewhat new definition of Higher ‘vibratory’ education or learning x :  ) x