People & the Pain body

Humans can express or emenate negative energy and when they do they are in their pain-body and if you are open to feel it, it can feel unpleansant, don’t be afraid it can’t hurt you, bring your focus back to your center and truth within. It can however some-times.catch you off-guard and trigger your own pain-body, at this point it is important to knoe and remember that your pain is not who you truly are and again it cannot hurt you, it is old unresolved energy being accepted healed and released. When you are aware of and understand the qualities of your Light you will understand you cannot be hurt, simply knowing your truth and reminding yourself of who you truly are is very empowering. With Awareness of what is occuring in the moment we can use our understanding our Compassion to bring us back to Center and re-align with our Pure Peaceful Love and Light. Most importantly: LOVE HEALS ALLL, Yourself and Others, Freedom x

If another person’s energy (e.g. negative energy) enters your space and you start to feel that energy within try and remove yourself from the situation to identify it, their energy, not yours, as soon as you see it for what it is it will evaporate as negative energy cannot exist in thew same space as your Presence, your Light.

If your pain-body is triggered by another, take some time out to Accept it, focus on Accepting it, after some-time out, cool down and settle, you will be able to Accept and Love it :  ) and when you get to this stage of Love your Light will return and you are your true self again :  ) x

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be aware of any cynicism or negativity from yourself or others and you will discover the route of this energy is unresolved suppressed pain and or dis-satisfaction which can become habitual behaviour, it can however also be cleared and healed. The initial and most effective step that i have discovered is (1) discovering one’s true self one’s true identity (2) love oneself including pain-body unconditionally (3) cultivate an Attitude of gratitude x … a beautiful balance of Love and Will-power or rather the Power of Love for oneself’s Happinness & Well-being and for those arpund you is a ‘key’ x