3min Video: Welcoming Life x

Welcoming Life x

Eckhart explains life is only difficult when we expect it should not be difficult. If we carry the assumption that life should not be difficult, we are in opposition to life. Once we recognize that life is difficult, it is no longer difficult. Happiness comes with accepting the fact that challenges are an essential part of life. Challenges are here to awaken us.

Evolution of Humanity and Energy on Earth X


The previous era of humanity largely embodied and learned about the energy of –

Will : Courage Action Confidence Creativity

We have now enetered a new era where we are all emboding and learning about the energy of –

Love : Gentleness Compassion Unconditional Love Understanding Forgiveness 

Allowing for energetic balance and a great clearing and healing to take place within all

The Energy of Love like a gateway allows for higher energies of 

Joy Peace Serenity Unity and eventually Divine truth

to be embodied by all x


x Namaste x