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I remember when I was about 6 years old watching the news I knew something was not right on the Earth, there was separation and pain. And so I remember consciously choosing to fall to forget my Light to forget who I was in order to understand Humanity at this time so that I could rediscover my truth and play a role in restoring the light here upon the Earth OM x.

And so I forgot and adopted the belief system of being a Physical Human being haha :  ) lol how silly that now seems . And so…

When I finished full-time education when I was about 16 yrs old in 1993 I intuitively knew there was more to life than what I had learned thus far.

I had simple questions such as what is Life? how do we move our bodies arms and legs? what is creation? what is Love? and where does it come from? where does Happiness come from?

and so I purchased up-to-date books on Science and Psychology but the answers were not there, I studied Business to learn about how the world worked but the answers were not there. I studied Technology to learn about Humanities recent and greatest developments but the answers were not there.

I developed my body and my brain but the answer to Happiness Peace and Fulfillment was not there.

I had a wonderful supportive family and a wonderful loving and supportive partner but the answer was not there.

Again in 2001 when I finished University and my mind became my own once more I was free to seek and find the answers, it was only when I caught sight and watched a documentary about Buddhism on the TV (created by the BBC, thank you) did my intuition resonate with excitement within and i knew i was onto something :  ) x.

Reading about Buddhism led me to discover Meditation and alongside reading many many many Spiritual books of all kinds the answers started to come from within from my inner/intuition. During quite times of reflection whilst I was relaxing reading walking or driving the answers to my questions would Pop-Up into my mind Arrghhhh HAAAA lol :   ).

Answers or Light continued to Pop-up ;  ) and during meditation and spontaneously energy was building from within and integrating from above and these unknown experiences at the time kept building up to a Profound point of Awakening in 2006 and onto a continued process of Integration and Self-Discovery which continues to this day and eternally :  ) x. I AM ETERNAL.

I have been discovering who we are and who I am, I have been discovering our shared Divine inheritenace and absolute equality and about our own unique and dynamic energetic qualities which change and enhance as we learn and grow.

I am grateful to this blog/website as it allows for an intuitive expression of my truth upon the Earth OM x. It allows me to share who I am and what I have learned on my path so far so that it may assist others who are awakening and integrating x.

I have discovered my truth within as a Pure and Powerful Being of Pure divine Unconditional Love and Light and I choose to integrate and manifest my truth upon the Earth for the benefit of all life.

I am my Soul and Source as One in manifestation upon the Earth x :  ) x.

I am always Present in the Precious present outside of Time and Space in every moment OM x :  ) and so it is and I Love you x.

I am JOY a Beautiful Being of Pure divine Unconditional Love and Light and I am here to assist with the Awakening of Humanity upon the Earth. I AM JOY :  ) x :  ) x.

It is a great JOY to assist and support others, to assist and support those who are ready to awaken to the Light within and to integrate their truth in a beautiful peaceful balanced loving and joyous way with Ease at this glorious and exciting time of awakening upon the Earth x : o ) OM x.

I Love to share and Express and BE my LIGHT upon the Earth it is a great JOY to be my truth and to assist and support the emergence of our Light and to observe the Blossoming upon the Earth OM x this is truly Beautiful x :  ) x.

Essentially the purpose of this website/blog is to Express my truth and to assist humanity in awakeing to it’s truth and light within OM x :  ) x And to assist the upcoming generation and Children of the Light who incarnate with pre-existing expanded awareness heightened sensitivities and abilities. I am an Overseer of the Ascension process upon the Earth.

Just like all I am human and like everyone also at the level of the Soul I am a child of the Mondic light and at the level of the Monad I am a very Expansive Great and Glorious being of Pure Divine and Expansive light at One with the Pure Divine energy Love Light and Will of the Creator the Source of Light and our One true identity within us all.

My Intuition has always been my Guide & Teacher and this is natural for all of us. At certain times especially during the awakening & integration process it can be very helpful and supportive to receive assistance from others as I have done and whilst I also offer support to others this is only provided to assist you to awaken and integrate your own Soul/Monad and Source and to always listen to your own intuition and become your own Guide Healer and teacher.

We are all One at Source and in our Pure Divine essence however our Souls/Monads have unique Qualities/vibrations gifts/skills/abilities and reasons for incarnating and coming to Earth and so where as many can assist you, Your greatest source of guidance wisdom divinity love and light is of course Yourself your own Soul/Monad/Source within :  ) x. Beautiful Blessings to you as you walk your path of Light upon the Earth.

With Great Love Light and Joy x :  ) I Love you all x