From Agony to Exstacy

Understanding is the key.

You have to understand one thing: that enlightenment is not escape from the pain but an understanding of pain, an understanding of your misery. “ why am I miserable, why is there so much anxiety, what are the causes in me that creating it” And to see those causes clearly is to be free from them.

Just an insight into your misery brings a freedom from misery. And what remains is enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that comes to you. It is when pain and misery and anguish and anxiety have been understood perfectly well and they have evaporated because now they have no cause to exist in you – that state is enlightenment. It will bring you, for the first time, real contentment, real blissfulness, authentic ectascy.

Once enlightenment gives you a taste of the real, you will see that all your pleasures, all your happiness, were simply the stuff dreams are made of; they were not real. And what has to come now, has come forever.

That is the definition of the real; A contentment that comes and goes again is not contentment, it is simply a gap between two miseries.

Anything that comes and goes is a dream. Let that be the definition. Anything that comes and never goes is reality.

Try to understand your misery. Live it, go to the depths of it, find out the cause, why it is there. Let understanding be your meditation.

Understand your contentment also, your happiness also, your anguish it is in your hands – you can change your whole style of consciousness. Contentment can become your whole being. Your love becomes your very life. And it remains. Time passes, but what you have achieved goes on depening. More and more flowers, more and more songs are born out of it.