Changing your Character

To change your character is easy; the real work consists in changing your consciousness, in becoming conscious – more conscious, more intensely, and passionately conscious. When you are conscious it is impossible greedy, it is impossible to be jealous, it is impossible to be ambitious.

And the meeting of your consciousness with the beyond is the point of bliss, true happiness. It knows nothing of unhappiness, it is pure happiness. It knows nothing of death, it is pure life. It knows nothing of darkness, it is pure light. And to know it is a goal. Gautama the Buddha went in search of this and one day, after six years’ struggle, he attained it.

You can also attain it, but let me remind you: By saying that you can attain it I am not creating a desire to attain it. I am simply stating a fact: that if you become a pool of immense energy, Undistracted by any worldly thing, it happens. It is more a happening than a doing.