Alignment 2012: JOY x : ) x

It’s not what you DO that is important in Life it is how you FEEL and when you are at one with your inner-light which is who we truly are inherently and ‘naturally’ so then we feel like everything is Good that every is ok, we fell at peace and at one and from here a Beautiful Peaceful but Positive energy starts to emerge, our inner-Light and Glory starts to emanate and Radiate and we feel HAPPY :  – ) JOYOUS AND FREE :  ) x


Our Light is naturally Peaceful Loving and Light-hearted JOY ;  ) x

How do you know when you are aligned and at One with your Light : ) You are JOY x.

You ‘Love’ your Light and you are JOYOUS x : )

They are intrinsic and they are one and the same and they are we are Beautiful : ) x.

JOY is a natural expression of the light within JOY : ) lol and within us in every moment.

When we allow oursleves time from the the things that we choose to do and expeience in life and allow ourselves time to relax to simply be in the moment without distraction our consiousness sinks into our Heart and then we can feel and experience our Soul Singing : ) and radiating it’s eternal Beauty ligthing up ours Bodies and our lives naturally from within and we want to Play Dance and Enjoy Life :  ) x :  ) x.

Spontaneously from within without hesitation we radiate Sing Play Dance and feel ALIVE we are LIFE and we feel GREAT we love we express we Rejoice we Laugh Out Loud LOL for no reason other than that we are Whole Happy and that we are the LIGHT within.

We are Pure and Perfect in every monent and in every way and all our needs wants and desires are fulfilled in this very moment NOW.

~ Inherently we always feel GREAT :  ) ~

We are Joy Love Beauty and Freedom inherently so and we are One. We are the Beauty of Life that pervades fills sustains and renews all of Life that emenates with great Pure divine radience and glory from our Pure divine central source of Light and Life that is our true one and inherent identity.

Just as the Pure and Peaceful Light of the Sun shines so Gloriously allow yourself to be at Peace and allow the Light of your Soul to shine Joyously and Abundantly, it is your inherent nature OM x : ) x. It is within you, it has always been there, it is your eternal nature :  ) x.

‘Life is Good’ Life is Pure & Divine and is always within You ‘it is You’ and so allow yourself to enjoy all that Life has to offer Enjoy : ) the tastes the sightes the smells the spices and always remember that which you Love and enJoy the most the sweetest spice of Life that truly FULFILLS you is the Light within you, it is You : ) x.

GOD is JOY x YOU are JOY :  ) x