Tips for Ascension by Archangel Raphael

  • Energy Flow – Be still and listen to the flow of energy surging through your being, it will inspire so much for you to contemplate and observe concerning your ascension.
  • Grounding – Manifest your spiritual ascension, and material or life fulfilment through the process of grounding.
  • Receiving – Your focus upon receiving will alter the way in which you think, act and react upon the Earth, unifying your energies with the Creator.
  • Emotions – Let your emotions arise, release them and heal yourself, know that this is a process of manifesting freedom within your being and reality.
  • Connection – Your recognition of your constant connection and communication with the Creator will allow you to acknowledge the magic of feeling fully as one with all that is the Creator.
‘I am in constant communication and connection with the Creator, the Creator always responds to me.’ With focus upon these five areas, whatever ascension process you are moving through you will experience greater ease, perfection and love in your reality. Please know you are constantly supported by myself, Archangel Raphael, the Angelic Kingdom and the Creator. We are in love with you,
Archangel Raphael
The above is an extract channeled through Natalie Glasson -  6th November 2015 - to read the complete communication please click-here: Sacred School of OmNa.