Ascension Tools by Archangel Michael and Krishna


… believe in the celebration that is occurring within the energy of the Creator and therefore within your being. Now is the time to believe in miracles and to think beyond the limits of the mind because it is at this time that anything and everything is possible, but there is a need for it to flow from the heart as a wish of feeling rather than from the mind as a structured desire. Your experiences will then be far more wondrous than you could possibly imagine… It is time to believe in joy and the love of the Creator, in celebration and miracles, believe in the energetic experience of these qualities and this will transfer into your physical experience upon the Earth. This time of ascension is about joy and love so choose to experience these Creator qualities and allow yourself to activate or receive them within your being.

Ascension Tools by Archangel Michael and Krishna, Channeled through Natalie Glasson 12/11/12 To read the full channeled message please click here.

The Way of the Heart

The Way of the HeartMARY MAGDALENE: The way of the heart is an ancient practice that was taught in mystery schools. It is about reconnecting with the root of our being, the Source. During the first years of your life, you forget the connection to Source: Ego takes over and builds a world of separation. The way of the heart teaches you how to undo this process.

JESHUA: So let’s begin with the basics.

To learn the way of the heart requires first that you accept Oneness as the basis of the world. Oneness is God. God is Oneness. Oneness is the linking of everybody’s souls. It is outside space and time, it just is. It is the ultimate truth.

MARY MAGDALENE: Trusting your soul means opening up to the possibility of a higher power running your life. This doesn’t mean you’re “giving over your life to God.” This means you accept being a true co-creator.

JESHUA: True co-creation only happens when your soul is engaged; it is your reward for connecting with God.

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Light Within

Connect with the light, with the perfect balance of Universal energies, bringing you into peace, harmony, love and Oneness with all. Take yourself within this light and surround yourself with its beauty and allow yourself to feel its presence. — Leanne Williams xxx

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