Happiness : o )

Everybody wants to be happy : o )

Happiness naturally comes from the light within.

However often people become sad/unhappy when they do not recognize love honour and value themselves.

This can happen when people believe themselves to be and focus solely on their physical bodies/personalities or when they strive for happiness elsewhere/outside of yourself through work or sports or other pursuits. These can enrich our lives and can bring ‘temporary’ achievement and self-worth/esteem/love and happiness but they do not bring true and lasting happiness and fulfillment..

As you focus more and more on the physical world around you, on external goals and striving to achieve happiness/success from outside of your true self gradually the light within fades until at some point in their lives people can be left feeling empty and purposeless within.

Sadness, depression, anxiety and illness are all results of this previous epidemic which humanity has purposefully experienced on Earth.

The ole saying ‘You don’t know what you’ve got/are until you loose it’ is certainly true here, but has a positive purpose.

For this is the reason why Souls have come to this very Beautiful and sacred sphere of light, planet Earth.

As Souls on the inner-planes you ask who and what am I? And this starts in motion journeys and adventures in many Universes planets and forms/bodies.

The Physical reality of Human life on Earth has been a great place of learning and contrast to your inherent truth, and many souls have come to earth to experience this contrast and impermanence of physical form. Earth could be likened to a school of learning so that Souls may realise and understand their eternal Divine and Glorious truth that is inherent within.

True lasting happiness comes from discovering valuing & loving the true self within the physical form that you can feel in any moment at the core of your being. This realisation or enlightenment often comes when the true self is rediscovered after a period of focusing elsewhere/outside self, after a period where it has been left behind and a false personality self based upon false-beliefs created to temporarily take it’s place until after a period of discontent the person/Soul chooses it has learned enough and intends for the return of Happiness and Joy once more and thy truth re-discovered within OM x.

Now is a great time of awakening upon the Earth, now it is time to leave behind the illusions false-beliefs sadness loneliness ill-health anxiety stress etc.. and to step into your true self once more for the benefit of all life on Earth.

We love you and we are here for you, the Angels of the Light hold a great sphere of pure powerful and protective light throughout and around the globe allowing all now to awaken with Ease.

Awaken with Ease : o ).

the Light x Divine :  ).